Taylor McKinney responds after Teen Mom spoilers reveal fight with Ryan Edwards’ parents

Taylor McKinney during an episode of Teen Mom OG
Taylor McKinney speaks out after fight with Jen and Larry Edwards while filming the Teen Mom OG reunion Pic credit: MTV

The drama between Maci Bookout and the Edwards family has escalated recently.

According to The Ashley, the Teen Mom OG reunion was recently filmed and Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney got into a heated argument with Jen and Larry Edwards.

A source reported that the tension in the room was obvious and Jen continuously asked Maci if everything was okay because she appeared distant and upset. At one point, Taylor supposedly lashed out at Jen and Larry and bashed Ryan’s lack of support for Bentley.

In addition, Maci also had words with Jen and reportedly called her a “manipulative b***ch” before she and Taylor walked off the set.

Taylor recently spoke to The Hollywood Gossip to comment on the fight at the reunion.

Taylor responds after reunion blowout

Taylor commented on the source who provided details of the reunion incident and implied that their perspective was bias.

He said, “The source comes off as very one-sided so you can probably guess who that is.”

He added, “You’ll have to see the reunion play out on TV but one thing I am always going to do is stand up for my wife and kids…you come for my wife and kids? I’m coming for you.” 

The tension between Maci and the Edwards family has continued to grow all season as Bentley has struggled with his relationship with his father. Bentley decided that he didn’t want to spend time with Ryan until the two of them were able to go to therapy together.

Ryan’s parents have been slammed by fans for continuing to defend their son’s lack of involvement with Bentley and for enabling his behavior.

The Edwards family has often placed blame on Maci for Bentley’s decisions and felt that she influences a lot of his opinions. Maci, however, defends that she has raised him to think for himself and that she does not put pressure on him one way or the other.

Maci calls out Mackenzie for her behavior toward Bentley

On a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Bentley revealed that Ryan and his wife Mackenzie Edwards hardly spoke to him while he attended his brother Jagger’s birthday party.

Following the party, Mackenzie posted a photo of Bentley with his half-siblings and commented on how much fun they had together. Mackenzie was blasted by fans who felt she was being fake and questioned how much fun Bentley could have had when they didn’t talk to him the entire time.

In response to a fan who mentioned that Ryan and Mackenzie did not talk to Bentley, Mackenzie said, “The fact you honestly believe that is very sad.”

Fans felt Mackenzie had implied that Bentley did not tell the truth about the situation.

Once Maci caught wind of Mackenzie’s comment, she immediately called her out on Twitter. Maci mentioned how Mackenzie was brave on social media but when given the opportunity, she didn’t have the same bravery to sit across from her at the Teen Mom OG reunion that was filmed recently.

Maci’s Twitter post is the latest in her ongoing feud with the Edwards family.

Jen and Larry Edwards have yet to comment on the reunion argument with Taylor and Maci.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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