Teen Mom OG: Bentley claims Ryan Edwards barely spoke to him at brother Jagger’s birthday party

Bentley Edwards during an episode of Teen Mom OG
Bentley revealed that Ryan Edwards hardly spoke to him at his brother Jagger’s birthday party Pic credit: MTV

Bentley has continued to struggle with his relationship with his father, Ryan Edwards during the current season of Teen Mom OG.

In recent episodes, we’ve seen that Bentley decided that he did not want to spend time with his father until the two of them could attend therapy together.

After his first therapy session, his counselor told his mother, Maci Bookout, that he wanted to have a few more solo sessions with Bentley before he included Ryan. Maci was heartbroken to hear that the therapist also said Bentley felt neglected by his father.

During a recent episode, Ryan’s mother, Jen Edwards, reached out to invite Bentley to his half-brother Jagger’s birthday party. Bentley agreed to go because it was at his grandparents’ house, which was a bit more neutral for him than the home that Ryan shares with his wife Mackenzie.

Shortly after, however, Jen let Maci know that she misspoke and that the party would be at Ryan’s house instead. Bentley then changed his mind about attending the party.

After some back and forth between Maci and the Edwards family, Bentley eventually decided to attend his brother’s birthday. Bentley later reported that Ryan was late to the party.

Bentley also complained that when Ryan did show up to Jagger’s birthday party, he spent most of his time away from Bentley and the rest of the family, by himself in another room.

Fans slam Mackenzie Edwards for her behavior toward Bentley

Following the birthday party, Mackenzie Edwards posted photos on her Instagram page.

One of the photos showed Bentley with his half-siblings and was captioned, “Yesterday we celebrated Jaggy’s birthday! Safe to say we had a great time! How could you not have a blast around this bunch? My heart is full.”

Several fans criticized Mackenzie for her post and felt that she was being dishonest. Many of them couldn’t believe she would make it seem like everyone was enjoying themselves when Bentley must have been uncomfortable the entire time because Ryan and Mackenzie didn’t speak to him

One fan in particular said, “The fact that you really posted this picture knowing that y’all didn’t even speak to Bentley the whole time he was there is sad.”

Mackenzie responded and said, “The fact you honestly believe that is very sad.”

Fans became even more upset after seeing Mackenzie’s comment and couldn’t believe she would imply that Bentley had lied about the situation.

Maci calls out Mackenzie for talking about Bentley

Fans weren’t the only ones who were upset about Mackenzie’s behavior. Maci wasted no time coming to her son’s defense and called out Mackenzie for her comment.

On her Twitter page, Maci shared a photo of the comment and wrote, “Mackenzie is brave sitting on a couch responding to strangers on social media about my son, but still not brave enough to sit on a couch and talk to me at the reunion.”

A source reported to The Ashley and said, “At first, MTV wanted Mackenzie and Ryan to square off in-person on the set with Maci and Taylor, but Ryan absolutely refused. Then they asked Mackenzie to go out on stage solo and film a scene with Taylor and Maci but she said no.”

Tension later grew between Maci, her husband Taylor McKinney, and Ryan’s parents. They reportedly got into such a heated argument while filming the reunion that Maci and Taylor walked off of the set.

Based off of Maci’s latest post, it’s clear the tension between her and the Edwards family has continued to grow since the reunion was filmed.

Fans can tune in to Teen Mom OG to find out what happens next between the two families and see if Bentley is able to improve his relationship with Ryan.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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