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MAFS spoilers: Are Paige and Chris still together or did they get a divorce?

The match between the accountant and finance manager seemed great on paper. Pic credit: Lifetime

While the match between accountant Paige Banks and finance manager Chris Williams looked great on paper, the real thing couldn’t have been more the opposite.

What started with attraction problems ended with the biggest bombshell in Married at First Sight history — the revelation of a pregnant ex-fiancée.

Chris dropped the biggest bomb in MAFS history

Paige was exactly the type of person the experts looked for–someone completely committed to the process. However, the same could not be said for her newly matched husband.

The issues started only one day into the experiment. After consummating the marriage on their wedding night, Chris told his new bride that he wasn’t attracted to her.

Despite the rocky start, the two continued to work on their marriage – that is, until a few days later on the honeymoon when Chris revealed that his ex-fiancée was pregnant with his child.

Paige was open to being a ‘bonus parent’ to Chris’ child

While Paige was open to being a ‘bonus parent’ to Chris’s unborn child, Chris still debated whether or not he wanted to be with his ex-fiancée.

In an effort to clear the air, Chris brought the two women together for a tense conversation. However, his plan seemed to backfire as Paige found out that his ex-fiancée didn’t want to be with him.

Still committed to the process, Paige and Chris decided to start over and continued to work on their marriage.

In a counseling session with Dr. Viviana Coles, Paige expressed that she wanted to start out simply with a daily call or text from her husband.

While Chris admitted that it felt “forced”, he told his new wife later in the week that he purchased a brand new Mercedes for his ex-fiancée.

Are Paige and Chris still together?

Even resident MAFS expert Dr. Viviana Coles told Chris, “I feel like I hardly know you. Because the person that you were that we met, that we got to know, that we matched, and the person, like, literally once you got married and since are so different.”

Most viewers have begged Paige to leave and it looks like she may have finally done that on decision day.

While most fans could have predicted this match would end in divorce, Instagram fan account @mafsfan claims the pair did indeed split.

Instagram fan account @mafsfan claims Chris and Paige divorced. Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

Monsters & Critics has been unable to independently verify the claims.

Aware of the comments calling her a doormat all season, in her typical classy form, Paige responded in an interview last week, “No one takes the time to really sit on the fact that coming into this process I really respected the ideals and values of marriage and wanted something like that on my own.”

Are you surprised that Chris and Paige divorced on decision day?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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    • He takes advantage of her because she lets him. He’s too narcissistic, very immature and is very insecure and she deserves to be treated as a human being instead of a scapegoat.


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