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Chris Williams drops the biggest bomb in MAFS history

Chris left fans speechless with the bomb he dropped on the honeymoon. Pic credit: Lifetime

Chris Williams had “devastating” news for his new bride on the latest episode of Married at First Sight.

He was able to tell production about the revelation he received but he couldn’t face Paige.

It was so “devastating” that he explained the situation inside the bathroom to avoid the cameras. Turning on the bathwater at full blast and instructing her to take her mic off, it’s clear he didn’t want this moment to be documented.

What bomb did Chris drop?

If you’ve been watching this season, you know that Chris was recently engaged. While most viewers felt this was a red flag, according to Dr. Pepper “long conversations were had” and the experts felt he was ready to get married.

However, his recent engagement is proving to have major repercussions. While he couldn’t admit it to Paige on camera, in his conversation with fellow husband Vincent, he finally reveals to fans that “my ex-fiancee is pregnant.

Chris is just finding out but he explains that his ex is about 6 weeks along in her pregnancy. His ex was equally surprised as she had no idea he was now married.

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