Chris tells Paige he’s not attracted to her after consummating their marriage, MAFS fans outraged

Chris drops a bomb on Paige the day after their wedding. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight couples have finally met and married.

The morning after the wedding is the first time these newly-married singles are waking up to a new person in their bed.

While some of the newlyweds spend their first morning getting to know each other over room service, one bride can’t find her husband.

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Chris disappears after he says he’s getting breakfast menus

According to Paige, her husband of 24 hours left downstairs around nine looking for breakfast menus. However, an hour passed with no breakfast, or Chris showing up.

Paige tried his cell, but got no answer on where her husband went.

When he finally shows up, his reasoning was, “On the way down to get menus, had a panic attack, and I felt like I needed to clear myself away from everything, everybody.”

“So what is exactly troubling you, I guess?” she asked.

Chris first unable to get it out, finally says, “I think that on paper, like, we are, like you’re everything that I need, but like.. I don’t think that the attraction is fully there yet for me, to be perfectly honest.”

Revealing that they had consummated the marriage the night before, this definitely isn’t what Paige expected to wake up to.

“I feel like if he had that conversation with me last night before we touched, kissed, whatever, I would have been at peace with that, but we became intimate.. last night and this morning. I am so confused,” she told producers. “I have never been with a man who wants to have sex multiple times that didn’t desire me or find me attractive.”

His father is grateful he raised an ‘upfront gentleman’

After informing his family that there were already bumps in the road, they definitely didn’t help the situation.

When she revealed that she and Chris had a “moment,” Chris’ mother Cindy asks, “Did he have a drink?”

In order to give his mother full transparency of the situation, she reveals they had sex both in the evening and the morning so that isn’t an excuse.

When Chris is alone with his parents, he finally admits, “Going in, I wasn’t planning on having sex with her, but I felt like maybe having sex with her would bring this closeness to her, you know? Maybe, you know, I would generate some type of attraction.”

Although Chris’ father is disappointed the attraction isn’t there, he told producers, “I’m grateful that I raised a gentleman to be upfront and not deceptive and to just come forward with the truth.”

While Chris felt “betrayed” by Paige talking about sex with his parents, his father opened that door on their wedding day when he lectured her on the type of intimacy his son required.

It’s clear Chris isn’t a fan favorite

When it comes to Chris, fans had a hunch it wouldn’t work out after he asked for a submissive freak. When he revealed he was recently engaged, viewers had even less hope.

After ghosting Paige the morning after the wedding, he cemented himself as the villain of season 12.

In a preview for a future episode, Chris finally dropped the bomb that fans were waiting for. “My ex-fiancee is pregnant.”

Do you think Paige and Chris’ marriage has any chance?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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