MAFS fans react to Chris Williams buying a new Mercedes for his ex-fiancee

Chris revealed to his new wife that he bought his ex-fiancee a Mercedes. Pic credit: Lifetime

From admitting he wasn’t attracted to her on their wedding night to the bombshell of a pregnant ex-fiancee, Chris Williams has taken Paige Banks through the wringer in the social experiment based in Atlanta.

While Paige can’t get her new husband to commit to a daily phone call, on the latest episode of Married at First Sight, he revealed he bought a brand new Mercedes for his ex-fiancee.

Although Paige and Chris had agreed to start over, Chris continues to drop new revelations on his wife.

Chris can’t commit to daily phone calls but buys a new Mercedes for his ex-fiancee

This week, the couples checked in with Dr. Viviana Coles regarding the intimacy in the relationship.

While usually, the newlywed couples are living together at this point, Paige is simply asking for a call or text a day from her new husband. However, when Chris heard that, he admitted, “It kinda feels forced.”

When Paige finally asked what he’s comfortable with, he replied, “Hanging out, going out, having conversations in person, going to dinner, and I’ll feel more comfortable calling.”

In reality, fans have different theories about why Chris would rather hang out in person than a phone conversation.

One fan guessed, “Chris still wants access to Paige. He wants to continue having sex with her. That doesn’t require FaceTime or phone conversations. That is why he would rather ‘talk in person.'”

Fans react to Chris buying his ex-fiancee a Mercedes

Trying to connect on their spiritual backgrounds, Chris and Paige get together later on in the week for dinner and bible study.

While it seemed like they were making progress and building a friendship, Chris decided to drop another bomb on Paige.

“I have something to tell you,” he began.

Explaining that his ex-fiancee Mercedes was in a traumatic car accident 6 years ago, she’s hasn’t driven or owned a vehicle since. Since then, she has been taking rideshare apps to get around.

“I wanted to ensure that she had transportation, so – this week, I bought her a brand-new Benz,” he told Paige.

Noticeably shocked but keeping her composure, “I get the transportation aspect. No honest man would want the mother of their child riding in a ride share, train, bus with a newborn baby, but a brand-new car?”

It’s clear fans had a lot to say about the new Mercedes for Chris’ ex-fiancee.

Why do you think Chris prefers in-person meetings over phone conversations?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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