LPBW spoilers: Matt Roloff calls Amy and Chris getting married on Roloff Farms a ‘good message to the family’

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek of LPBW
On an episode of LPBW, Amy Roloff and her fiance Chris Marek met up with Matt to make Roloff Farms their official wedding venue. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Roloff and her fiance, Chris Marek, met up with Amy’s ex-husband, Matt Roloff, at Roloff Farms to confirm their wedding venue on an episode of Little People, Big World.

Recently, viewers watched as Amy and Chris officially decided on a wedding venue and chose to get married on the farm.

Originally their backup plan of using Roloff Farms quickly moved to the top of their list of possible venues when Amy and Chris had trouble securing another location to get married.

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Amy and Chris met up at the farm to talk to Matt in one of his barns about their final decision.

“Ready to share the big news?” Chris asked Amy as they walked towards Matt’s barn.

Amy and Chris met with Matt to tell him their decision to marry on the farm

Amy told the cameras, “I think since, you know, Chris and I decided on Roloff Farms for our wedding, we wanted to get together with Matt and let him know.”

“Matt’s my ex, and I’m cautious still, but I don’t think we won’t be able to communicate in regards to a wedding,” Amy added.

Amy and Matt Roloff and Chris Marek of LPBW on TLC
Amy and Chris met Matt at the farm to give him their final venue decision and wedding date. Pic credit: TLC

When Chris and Amy arrived at the barn, they were greeted by Matt, who was busy working on various projects, as usual.

“What did I do now?” Matt asked Amy and Chris jokingly.

“Well, big question,” Chris asked Matt, “Is your offer of letting us do the wedding on the farm… is the offer still good?”

Matt jokingly stalled before answering, “Let me think, um… yeah.”

Everyone laughed, even Amy, when they realized Matt was lighthearted about the topic.

Amy found the pros in getting married on the farm

Amy revealed to the cameras, “When both Chris and I were considering Roloff Farms, some of the cons for me was really the history that I have on the farm, but this is where we met each other,” as throwback clips played of Chris and Amy having fun at one of her many pool parties at the farmhouse.

Amy and Matt Roloff and Chris Marek of LPBW on TLC
Chris and Amy listened to Matt as they discussed getting married on Roloff Farms. Pic credit: TLC

Amy brought up that although she has some bittersweet memories from living on the farm, she also has many good memories, and many of them including her fiance, Chris.

Amy also expressed some fear this season that Matt might “ruin” her wedding if she got married on the farm. It looks as though she overcame her fears, however.

“We’ve had Christmas parties there, New Year’s parties, his friends have been there, so there’s a whole lot more pros for our life and our relationship than cons,” Amy told cameras of the good memories she and Chris have shared on Roloff Farms.

“And so, Roloff Farms kind of rose to the top,” Amy revealed.

Matt said Amy getting married on the farm is a ‘good message to the family’

Matt seemed cool and collected when he asked Amy and Chris what date they were thinking of having their wedding. Amy and Chris revealed earlier this season that they chose Saturday, August 28, 2021, as their wedding date.

Matt was happy with Amy choosing the farm as her and Chris’ wedding venue and liked the message it sent to their family. Although Amy and Matt are divorced and don’t exactly get along, the former couple still tries to remember to put their differences aside for the sake of their kids and grandkids.

Matt told the cameras, “Amy made it official that she’s gonna get married on the farm. I think that’s a good message to the family that Amy and I are still committed to the health of the whole family and the farm.”

Little People, Big World airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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