LPBW: Jacob Roloff reveals he is facing eviction after neighbors call police for his dog barking

Jacob Roloff formerly of LPBW
Former LPBW star Jacob Roloff revealed he is facing eviction Pic credit: TLC

Former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff has revealed that he may be evicted from his home after neighbors called the police because his dog was barking.

Jacob took to Instagram to share an appreciation post for his dog Luna after “someone called the cops on her.”

The 24-year-old former TLC star explained that he was unable to take Luna to work with him, and when he returned home, he discovered that the police had been called for Luna’s “frequent” and “prolonged” barking.

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Jacob, who accused one of TLC’s executive producers of molesting him, posted several pictures and videos of Luna during his recent stay at Roloff Farms over the last few weekends.

Jacob recently shared that he was visiting Roloff Farms last month, and shared photos of himself and his nephew, Jackson Roloff. The two helped Jacob’s dad, Matt Roloff, on the farm along with Jacob’s trusted companion, Luna.

Two of the photos in Jacob’s post showed Luna sitting inside Jacob’s camper van (named Ruby) and the three videos showed footage of Luna on the farm while Jacob did some work with machinery around the property.

Jacob and his wife Isabel are facing eviction because of their dog

Jacob told his followers, “Luna Appreciation Post. Someone called the cops on her today because I was gone at work and she was barking (missed me; protected home; good girl; innocent).”

He continued, “Could literally be evicted because someone can’t find anything else to do. ??‍♂️ (Don’t be that person; loser energy; dogs hate them; guilty). These are from the last couple weekends going back to the Farm. In sum — Luna: A Good Girl”

Jacob also included a picture of the police ticket from the City of Bend Police Department in his Instagram stories, which informed Jacob that “while you were out an Officer was at your address because your dog is disturbing someone by prolonged or frequent noises.”

Jacob Roloff formerly of LPBW on Instagram
Jacob shared a pic of the police ticket on Instagram. Pic credit: @jacobroloff45/Instagram

Jacob lashed out at the anonymous neighbor who called the police

Jacob included a caption with the police ticket that read, “Someone whole a** called the cops on my DOG. It is 99 degrees tomorrow. It was 96 today; 110’s last week. No way to bring her to work. What do they expect me to do?”

Jacob’s caption continued to say, “Don’t f*****g be this person. Your mother should have taught you of the timely manners in sucking it up. Get a hobby [for f***s sake]. One of 3 or 4 apartment complexes that allow dogs and we are being threatened with eviction because of dogs lol. They all bark. Total dead brain energy[.]”

While Jacob and his wife, Isabel, are facing eviction, Jacob’s dad is in the midst of building his dream home on the farm. Matt recently shared that he laid down the layout for his home.

Construction for Matt’s home won’t begin until after his ex-wife Amy Roloff, gets married to her fiancé, Chris Marek, in August. Amy and Chris took Matt up on his offer to use the farm as their wedding venue and will be tying the knot there on Saturday, August 28.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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