Love Island USA: Trina reconsiders her connection with Cinco in a first-look clip

Trina and Cinco on Love Island USA
Trina and Cinco on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

The first love triangle on Love Island USA in Season 3 saw Cinco Holland choose Cashay Proudfoot, and then move on to Trina Njoroge.

It broke Cash’s heart and made Trina and Cinco early villains on the show for many fans.

However, things changed over time and the three began to find themselves able to remain friendly with each other.

That changed on Thursday night’s episode and now it looks like Trina might be rethinking her relationship with Cinco after the other Islanders just saved them from elimination, and right before Casa Amor could blow everything up.

Bustle released an exclusive first look at a conversation Trina and Cinco had, which caused her to reconsider their relationship.

Cashay still wants Cinco

On Wednesday night, Cashay and Olivia Kaiser decided to start what they called Operation Heart Attack, where Cash would try to win over Cinco and Olivia would make a move on Will Moncada, to try to see if he would leave Kyra Lizama for her.

Things didn’t work out well for Olivia. Will was completely honest with her about his feelings toward Kyra and then he told Kyra what happened, and hid nothing from her.

Will was more honorable than most Islanders in possible love triangles this season.

Things with Cashay and Cinco were more complicated. Cinco never told her no, and he actually said he wished she had said something sooner.

Once again, Cinco is leading Cash along, but this time Trina might not be willing to play this game again.

Trina stood up to Cinco in the first-look video from Bustle.

Trina confronts Cinco about Cashay on Love Island USA

In the video clip, Trina and Cashay sat down to talk.

Cinco told Josh and Korey that his feelings for Cash had returned. It also showed there would be a battle of the sexes in the Love Island games.

They then showed Cashay and Cinco talking to each other. Cinco says that he feels something when they are in a room together. He said every time he looks at her, he thinks about the possibility of being with her.

Cinco then said he doesn’t know how to “go about it.”

That then moved to a conversation between Cinco and Trina, where she says “something’s up.” Cinco said he will always have feelings for Cash and they won’t go away.

He reveals that Trina and Cash bring out different sides of him, and he will always have the “what if.”

This was not what Trina wanted to hear.

This led to Trina crying in the diary room.

“I don’t want to be with a man that thinks about another girl,” Trina said, “and I also am friends with this girl. This is just too much.”

Tune in tonight to see more of these conversations.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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