Love Island USA is bringing back Casa Amor: Here is when the twist will happen

The Love Island USA women
The Love Island USA women. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA fans have been asking online about when Casa Amor would take place on Season 3.

There were some fans who weren’t sure if it would appear at all, as it was not in the first season but shook things up in the second season.

Now, there is some great news for fans.

Matthew Hoffman, the voice of Love Island USA, appeared on People Magazine’s Reality Check podcast and revealed when fans could expect to see Casa Amor.

It is happening in just a few short days.

When is Casa Amor on Love Island USA?

Matthew Hoffman was on the Reality Check podcast and talked about a lot of things.

He refused to give a favorite cast member, saying they were all like his kids and he was protective of them all. He also said he was not in Hawaii, and did all his voice work from California after seeing 90 minutes of material.

Matthew also said that he refuses to get any behind-the-scenes details, and won’t listen to it because he only wants to know what the fans know.

Finally, when asked who he would couple up with, Matthew said he would choose the chocolate chip cookies from the kitchen and just sit alone and talk to himself.

This was all good and fun, but he finally said what fans wanted to hear in the interview. When asked about Casa Amor, Matthew said it was coming this Sunday, July 25.

That means there will be the fan elimination on Thursday night and then everything will get shaken up on Sunday.

“America is going to get a lot more Casa Amor,” Hoffman said. “And it’s happening on Sunday, I can tell you that. “It’s so funny, the season is so crazy, just full-on, and it’s like just when I start memorizing everybody’s names, there’s a British producer who’s like ‘send more in.'”

“So, Casa Amor – look forward to that. It’s crazy. I think if those walls could talk, they would need a lot of sanitizer. Things are going down there.”

What is Casa Amor on Love Island USA?

Casa Amor is coming on Sunday, and for those new to Love Island USA, here is what you can expect.

Almost everyone is coupled up and has a good-to-growing relationship. There are still a few who are looking for a real connection, including Cashay Proudfoot, Korey Gandy, and Olivia Kaiser, and Casa Amor could give them that.

However, the best thing about Casa Amor is that it could blow up a previous relationship and provide a test for the Islanders who think they have a solid connection.

Casa Amor creates a second villa. The men and women are split up, one half sent to the other villa.

There will then be new guys and girls sent in and the Islanders will have to decide if they stick with their original coupling, or move on to a new one with one of the new Islanders — without the original partners there to interfere.

Things will get wild.

Could Cinco Holland and Trina Njoroge survive Casa Amor? What about Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama. The one relationship that everyone will be watching is Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein.

“Casa Amor is that element of temptation,” Hoffman said. “It is the ultimate outside world coming in and infiltrating this island that we’ve created. It really is a roller coaster. I think it’s the perfect test for relationships.

“I thought some of the best 20 seconds of television ever was last season when Carrington came back from Casa Amor, and he came down the steps, and you were like … I mean, you could hear my scream. It was that intense. I was riveted.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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