Love Island USA ‘Operation Heart Attack’ threatens to break up the villa’s safest couples

Cashay, Olivia, and Korey on Love Island USA
Cashay, Olivia, and Korey on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

One of the most popular Love Island USA Islanders has just set a plan in motion that could blow the entire villa up.

Cashay Proudfoot and Olivia Kaiser made a pact at the firepit early on and they are now moving forward with their plan — Operation Heart Attack. Only two other people know about it, but since one of those is Shannon St. Clair, there is a chance word will spread fast.

Cashay and Olivia have decided to shoot for the moon and try one more time to couple with the men they feel the strongest connection with.

The problem is that both men are in strong relationships already on the show.

Cashay going for Cinco again on Love Island USA

Cashay said she was moving on from Cinco Holland, and even told him she didn’t want to be friends after he chose Trina Njoroge over her.

It wasn’t Cinco passing on her that soured her, it was the fact Trina and Cinco did it behind her back and showed her no respect when they started talking.

However, despite that rough patch, Cash moved on and tried to find a connection with Isaiah before deciding to go solo at the last recoupling by choosing a friend partner in Korey.

Now, Cash has revealed she still wants to try to make it work with Cinco.

While she knows this could finally destroy any friendship she has with Trina, Cashay feels if she doesn’t try one more time to win over Cinco, she will end up leaving Love Island USA with regrets.

Cinco seems locked into Trina, but Cash making a move will change the dynamic between everyone on Love Island USA.

Olivia wants to steal Will from Kyra

Everyone knows Cashay likes Cinco. However, when Olivia said she planned on pursuing Will Moncada, it came as a shock.

Will has been coupled with Kyra Lizama since the start. There are even hits that Will and Kyra knew each other before coming to the villa, which eliminated contestant Christian said he believes to be true.

However, Olivia doesn’t feel a strong connection with her partner, Javonny Vega, and she is very attracted to Will. Because of this, Olivia is going to try to move in on Will and see if she can steal him from Kyra.

On top of that, Korey Gandy made it clear he is in for Operation Heart Attack and has his sights set on Florita Diaz.

There is one big problem here. Casa Amor is coming on Sunday, so they only have a few days to make their case before everyone is split up and given plenty of new options for love.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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