Cash and Aimee’s Love Island USA love triangles frustrating fans

Cash and Aimee on Love Island USA
Cash and Aimee on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Cashay Proudfoot became one of the most popular members of the Love Island USA cast thanks to her bad luck at the start of the show.

In the start, Cinco Holland chose Cash and the two seemed to hit it off well. However, when Trina Njoroge and Jeremy Hershberg‘s attraction began to die, Trina set her sights on Cinco.

Eventually, Cinco decided he wanted to move on to Trina and left Cash high and dry. Since Cash was there for Trina after her relationship with Jeremy shattered, she felt betrayed when Trina did this behind her back.

Now, things look to be repeating themselves, but this time it is Cash playing the role of Trina and trying to ruin Aimee Flores‘ chance of finding a connection.

Cash/Isaiah/Aimee love triangle

It all started with the Cash/Isaiah/Aimee love triangle.

Aimee ended up with Jeremy and she seemed happy with this. However, when Isaiah Harmison came in, things changed.

Isaiah had eyes for two women — Cash and Aimee. It seemed Cash was the best bet since Aimee was with Jeremy, but then something happened.

Jeremy had eyes for new girl, Florita Diaz. He told her that he saw Aimee as a friend, and Florita told Aimee this information.

When Isaiah chose Cash and Jeremy chose Aimee at the re-coupling, Aimee was heartbroken. When Cash kissed Isaiah in front of Aimee, it hurt even more.

The two girls finally made up and Aimee said she would not attempt to move in on Isaiah and things looked like they were going back to normal.

However, Jeremy was still moving in on Florita in front of Aimee and Korey Gandy, who coupled up with Florita.

Cash/Wes/Aimee love triangle, Part 2

This led to two more new guys coming into the villa.

One of these guys was Wes Ogsbury, who went on a date on the same day with Cash and Aimee.

Wes liked both women, and both women liked him.

With Cash hooking up with Isaiah, it seemed like both women could end up with a good guy they were interested in. However, Cash made an interesting decision.

She chose to pursue Wes to see if there was something there.

This hurt Isaiah, who thought he was going to find something special with Cash. It also put Cash and Aimee in a second love triangle, where Cash could once again cost Aimee her chance at finding a connection.

Cash would be doing to Aimee what Trina did to her earlier in the show.

Twitter fans are tired of the Cash Love Island USA triangles

These are three love triangles that Cash has been involved in during just the first three weeks of Love Island USA.

Twitter user @ryeyuhn demonstrated how people feel about yet another Cash and Aimee love triangle.

Cash ended up heartbroken thanks to the Trina and Cinco relationship.

Aimee ended up heartbroken thanks to the Cash and Isaiah relationship.

How will the Wes situation turn out?

Twitter user @kemzcevans said they “don’t want to see Aimee and Cash fight for another man.”

@Trinityreality1 believes there might be a conspiracy by Love Island USA to keep Aimee and Cash from being friends.

Whether this latest love triangle will destroy Aimee and Cash’s relationship remains to be seen, but if they can’t find their own men soon, one of them might end up leaving the villa sooner rather than later.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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2 years ago

Aimee is a spoiled brat… the boys didn’t pick me……what a b**ch ??? BTW no one kiss in front of Aimee ….she can’t handle it ???