Love Island USA: Former Islander spills tea about time in the villa

Florita on Love Island USA
Florita on Love Island USA. Pic credit: @floritadiaz_/Instagram

When Florita Diaz left Love Island USA, many fans were not sad to see her go.

She had broken fan-favorite Korey Gandy‘s heart and she hooked up with Jeremy Hershberg, who television viewers see as a player that the girls can’t trust.

However, when Florita left the villa, she had some strong opinions about Korey and Jeremy, especially after she watched the episodes back.

While partying with Javonny Vega, Aimee Flores, and Wes Ogsbury after leaving the villa, Florita had some tea to dish about her time on Love Island USA.

Florita reflects on her elimination from Love Island USA

Florita Diaz said, upfront, that she deserved to stay in the villa and the Islanders should have chosen her over Olivia Kaiser.

In a Q&A on her Instagram Stories, Florita broke down why she felt that she deserved to stay over Olivia for one big reason.

“I was definitely hurt,” Florita said when the guys chose Olivia to stay over her. “I really thought I was going to be safe because I was finding connections and I don’t think it was fair that they chose Olivia over me.”

She also felt that it was due to Olivia being one of the original Islanders that saved her.

“She was there for 2 1/2 weeks and didn’t find a real connection with Javonny and I was only there for about a week and a half and was starting to build strong connections,” she wrote. “Part of me thinks it was because she’s an OG.”

However, that wasn’t enough to save Javonny, another OG who went home with her.

Florita on the guys on Love Island USA

When Florita showed up on Love Island USA, she had her eyes set on Josh Goldstein. In her intro video, she said Josh was hot, but her opinion changed when she met him.

“There was definitely a physical attraction towards Josh but after our one talk on our date I just didn’t feel any sparks but he is a sight for sore eyes,” Florita wrote.

She hooked up with Korey, but then broke his heart when she moved on to Jeremy.

“I know I hurt him so now its truly up to him,” Florita said when asked if she would hook up with Korey once he leaves Love Island USA. “He knows where I stand and hopefully things do turn out for the best with him and I. So now we just have to wait it out.”

As for Jeremy, she wants nothing to do with him after seeing how he played the girls on Love Island USA.

As for the girls, Florita also had something to say about them.

“I would have to say I was very close with all the girls,” Florita wrote. “I love them all so much but if I would really have to say who I was closest with was definitely Shannon and Trina.”

She also wouldn’t rule out getting together with one of the girls if the chance arose.

“I am very open about my sexuality,” she said. If I did find chemistry with one of the girls [I] definitely would have explored that.”

As for her time in the villa, she wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

“Coming into toe Villa I didn’t expect to leave with becoming a better version of myself,” Florita wrote. “I learned to be a better communicator to truly say what’s on my mind and be completely honest and to realize that men have hearts too.”

Florita Instagram Q-A
Florita answers questions on Instagram. Pic credit: @floritadiaz_/Instagram

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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