Florita Diaz reveals who she wants to date after Love Island USA elimination

The Love Island USA eliminated Islands hug goodbye
The Love Island USA eliminated Islanders hug goodbye. Pic credit: CBS

By the time she left the villa on Love Island USA, Florita Diaz didn’t have many fans watching the show.

Most fans felt she was leading Korey Gandy along, and then when she dumped him for Jeremy Hershberg, who many viewers pegged as a dishonest player, she lost even more fans.

Viewers wanted Korey to find love, and when Florita dumped him, it proved costly when the first Love Island USA fan vote came, and her coupling with Jeremy was one of the lowest vote-getters.

The Islanders got to choose who stayed, and they chose Jeremy to remain in the villa but sent Florita home.

Florita changes her tune after leaving Love Island USA

Florita seemed heartbroken to leave Jeremy, but when she left the villa, she watched the episodes and changed her tune about Jeremy.

She admitted that what she saw of Jeremy in the villa was not who he was, and she said she saw the real him after leaving.

Florita wants nothing to do with Jeremy now.

However, she does have one major regret.

Florita still wants to be with Korey

Florita did a Q&A for her Instagram followers and answered a bunch of questions.

After revealing that she wouldn’t want anything to do with Jeremy after watching the episodes, she revealed she wants to try to be with Korey — even after Love Island USA ends.

She even claims she was about to go back to Korey before her elimination, which is hard to believe since she was so emotional with Jeremy and had yet to see the replays of the episodes.

“I was about to tell Korey that he was the one for me because even though I coupled up with Jeremy, Korey was always on my mind,” she wrote.

“I feel like Jeremy played me,” she continued. “I was completely blindsided by the person he really was. I have the most respect for Korey and better believe I’ll be waiting for him outside in the real world.”

In a second question, she emphasized she wants to try things with Korey when he leaves Love Island USA.

“I definitely want to try things with Korey again but that’s if he doesn’t find love on the island,” she wrote. “Also, I know I hurt him so not its truly up to him.”

Finally, a fan asked if she could communicate with Korey, which she said she couldn’t.

“Sadly I have not been able to communicate with him but I really hope I do get the chance to because I really want to tell him how I really feel and wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity,” she concluded.

Florita on Korey on Love Island USA.
Florita on Korey on Love Island USA. Pic credit: @floritadiaz_/Instagram

There was even a fun video with Javonny as they had drinks with Aimee and Wes, where Javonny said Florita liked Korey better than Jeremy.

Whether they find love off the island is anyone’s guess.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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