Love After Lockup’s Jessica claps back at ‘admirers’ in her and Maurice’s inboxes amid his current jail stint

Jessica and Maurice from Love After Lockup.
Jessica clapped back at apparent ‘admirers’ in her and her husband’s inbox. Pic credit: WE TV

Jessica and Maurice beat the odds during their time on Love After Lockup and ended up in a lasting marriage with their first child.

Maurice, however, violated his parole for being involved in possession of a firearm, and is currently incarcerated again. He is due to be released in a few weeks.

Jessica has remained active on her social media and appears to have access to Maurice’s as well.

Now it seems that Jessica is fed up by thirsty “admirers” in both her and Maurice’s inbox and took to her Instagram Stories to rant about it.

Jessica stands by her man and wants people out of their DMs

Fans have been curious about Jessica and Maurice’s relationship status since it’s been a long time since Jessica has posted any content to her page that doesn’t involve their baby.

But Jessica went on the offensive in an Instagram Story condemning the people in her and Maurice’s inboxes, and making sure people know that they are happily married.

She also claimed to be speaking for Maurice when she warned women to stay out of his inbox and followed up by saying that they would both have a message that their followers should stay tuned for.

IG comments from Jessica of Love After Lockup
Love After Lockup Jessica’s IG story. Pic credit: @jessica_loveafterlockup/Instagram

Jessica and Maurice were fan favorites on Love After Lockup

While Jessica has confirmed that they are no longer a part of the show, she does still have a large following of over 40,000 on Instagram.

The interracial couple, from two different worlds, had a lot of love for each other and were able to overcome their biggest obstacles and unite their families through their marriage.

They have loyal fans who love to comment on all the pictures of their baby, who looks just like Maurice.

Fans are anticipating Maurice’s release, scheduled for April 30, which could be when they will share the message to their followers that Jessica was talking about.

It is unclear what Jessica does for a living but she does advertise a link to her cash app on her IG profile, and during their time on the show, Jessica’s parents showed that they were very supportive and would help her in any way they could financially.

There have been talks of the pair starting their own YouTube channel for those who want to continue watching their journey outside of Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup is currently on hiatus.

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Lisa Gibson
Lisa Gibson
1 year ago

Jessica doesn’t do anything for a living except for odd jobs. Occasionally she’ll be doing Some sales jobs, like sell Redbull at a fair, she was selling toothpaste in Walmart at some point and she’s also hooked up to “it works” trying to make money of selling products to her friends and family. However she has always been a freeloader who always wanted to have everything but not work for it. Her parents even bought her the house in Vegas cause she cant take care of herself not support herself in any way