Life After Lockup: Which new Love After Lockup couples are joining the show?

Amber and Puppy call Vince on Life After Lockup.
Amber and Puppy are finally reunited and they decide to hit up Vince. Pic credit: WEtv

Life After Lockup is back in just under a month, and there will be new faces mixed with your old favorites.

Returning and keeping their place on the show are Brittany and Marcelino, Andrea and Lamar, Lacey and Shane, and Sarah and Michael.

They will be joined by more couples who are moving from Love After Lockup to Life After Lockup.

Which new couples are joining Life After Lockup?

Scott and Lindsey

Joining the returning couples will be Lindsey and Scott from Olive Branch, Mississippi. They have been working through their relationship and her outbursts. He promised her a lot when she got out of prison, and when that day came, things didn’t measure up to her standards.

Scott and Lindsey will be battling over dirt they each dug up on the other. On top of their growing problems, Mylie Grace has finally moved in. Lindsey will have to readjust to being a full-time mom as she attempts to build her family with Scott.

Shavel and Quaylon

Second, another couple returning is Shavel and Quaylon. They have been working together well, or so it seems.

It looks like he may be playing with her heart and emotions after she finds that something isn’t right. Quaylon runs back to his mom, but will their relationship suffer?

As Shavel waits for a proposal, things with her family and Quaylon get tense. Will the two be able to reconcile and possibly move forward without incident?

Destinie and Shawn

These two are the odd couple of the whole bunch. Destinie has been playing with Shawn the entire time she has been out, including attempting to pick up women (remember the furniture store lady?) on the side.

Now that Destinie has shown up for her court date, what will the outcome be? Shawn laid out a lot of money for her to be released from prison instead of being transferred to await this court date.

Will they be able to make it to a happily ever after, or will Shawn get plenty of “I told you so” comments from his friends and ex-girlfriend?

Amber and Puppy

Amber is back, but Vince isn’t just yet. Puppy and Amber’s mom are released from prison and they have plenty of questions and they want answers.

Remember, Amber was supposed to marry Vince and work on getting life together for when her girl Puppy and her mom were released. When we last saw her, she was living with Puppy’s mom and getting her life together.

Now that everyone is home, there are some things that have to be handled, including calling Vince and getting Puppy’s adoption reversed. How will this turn out for them?

It is going to be an interesting season of Life After Lockup with the four new couples. How will everyone’s story turn out? Be sure to tune in and find out!

Life After Lockup returns Friday, November 20 at 9/8c on WEtv.

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