Who are Vincent and Amber from Love After Lockup?

Vincent from Love After Lockup during his confessional.
Vincent wrote Amber and the rest is history. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup is back with a brand new season. This time around there will be seven couples featured. While one is familiar, there are still six couples for viewers to get to know.

Vincent and Amber are one of the new couples featured on the upcoming season of Love After Lockup. There was a preview of their relationship and this one just might be one of the strangest ones yet.

For whatever reason, Vincent decided to write 10 inmates. Amber was one of the women who responded and the rest is history. The two have never met in person, but they plan on getting married following her release.

He is military and she is locked up on drug charges. This odd couple will have to beat the odds and the opinions of his very traditional family. Amber is currently locked up alongside her mother as the two were both arrested at the same time for the same crime. She will be released, but her mom will remain behind bars.

During a sneak peek, it was revealed that upon Amber’s release, she will be staying with her former bunk mate’s mom near Atlanta. Puppy (the nickname of her former cellmate) has arranged for her to have a place to go. Vincent will have to make his way down there with very little time to plan.

Amber called Vincent to tell him she was being released. He told his mother, and now she wants to tag along on the journey. Will his mom go with him to Atlanta, or will she stay behind?

Love After Lockup returns Friday, August 16 at 9/8c on WEtv.

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