Kody Brown has a different pet name for each of his wives

Kody Brown has a different pet name for each of his wives
Kody Brown and his Sister Wives may be cash-strapped. Pic credit: TLC

It is something that has happened in relationships since the dawn of time, and it seems Kody Brown has pet names for each of his four Sister Wives and none of them are the same.

The news came from Janelle Brown, who was answering a question from a Sister Wives fan.

Janelle Brown talks Kody Brown’s Sister Wives pet names

This all started when a fan took to Twitter to ask Janelle Brown why Kody Brown calls Robyn Brown “love” but does not call any of the other wives that.

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The question seemed to hint in its tone that Kody Brown had a love for Robyn more so than the other wives.

Janelle Brown responded and let Sister Wives fans know that Kody Brown calls her “sweetheart” and that she wouldn’t want to be called “love” anyway.

It seems Kody Brown has pet names fo his four Sister Wives, Janelle, Meri, Robyn, and Christine.

The fans in the comments started having some fun with this revelation. One said that it was better for Kody to have a different nickname for all his wives. Another wondered, quite humorously, if Kody ever accidentally slips up and calls Robyn “sweetheart” or calls Christine “love.”

That was a nice moment in a Sister Wives season filled mostly with fighting and drama between Kody Brown and his wives.

Sister Wives drama

This season of Sister Wives saw the family struggling with the entire idea of the One House living arrangements.

Kody wanted the family to have one house with four wings — one for each wife. However, only one wife wanted to live this way and the others wanted their own homes to keep spread out.

However, this led to one of the biggest fights of the season between Kody Brown and Robyn Brown.

While Robyn and Kody seemed like the two that were closest, when he demanded that she buy a house away from the other wives, she felt that he was breaking his promises to the family that they would be together.

Kody Brown even hinted at dissolving his marriage to Robyn Brown if she didn’t come around to his way of thinking.

The biggest drama this season came with Meri Brown, as the two admitted their relationship is over, although she won’t leave for the sake of their family.

The Brown family is also dealing with social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, although that likely won’t play out on a future TV season — if there is another season — as TLC has yet to renew the series.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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