Kim Kardashian shares details about her trip to the Bahamas with Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson posing at separate events.
Pete Davidson encouraged Kim Kardashian to let go during their trip. Pic credit: ©

Kim Kardashian is getting more comfortable discussing her romance with Pete Davidson

Since the SKIMS founder, 41, began dating the Saturday Night Live star, 28, they’ve gained attention for their seemingly casual approach to their relationship.

However, the couple recently spent time overseas between their pizza and movie dates. Last month, Davidson and Kardashian jet-setted to the Bahamas for several days.

Although she didn’t post her boyfriend on Instagram, she left several clues that he was absolutely present. 

Days after Davidson called her his “girlfriend,” Kardashian opened up about their first couple’s trip. 

Why Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson threw their phones ‘in the ocean’ while visiting the Bahamas

Earlier this week, Kardashian’s cover story with Vogue debuted online. The March issue discusses the reality star’s life amid divorce, co-parenting with Kanye West, and fame. During the interview, she also shared how stepping away from her phone helps her take time for herself.

While speaking with Jen Wang, she revealed an anecdote about neglecting her cell phone during a recent trip to the Bahamas. 

“I was in the Bahamas, and the people I was with said, ‘We’re on f*****g vacation,” Kardashian recalled. “We haven’t been on vacation in a long time.’ And then they threw their phones in the ocean.”

“I was like, ‘What? What? What? Am I allowed to do that?” she added. 

Although she didn’t mention any of her “people” by name, Monsters and Critics shared in January that Kardashian and Davidson stayed in the Bahamas to kick off the new year. The trip reportedly upset West, who attended the tropical location with his wife several years prior. 

Is Kim Kardashian moving to Pete Davidson’s Brooklyn home?

Days before her subtly mentioning her and Davidson’s “bae-cation,” the comedian also dished about their activities.

In an interview with People, he said they enjoy staying in as much as possible. Despite not mentioning Kardashian by name, Davidson has recently only been seen out with the mother of four. Additionally, he had a candle of his girlfriend’s face behind him during the interview. 

Even though they’re becoming more comfortable discussing their romance, the blossoming couple isn’t ready to move in together yet.

Although Davidson revealed to comedian and NBCLX host Tabitha Lipkin on Tuesday that he’s moving from Staten Island to Brooklyn, Kardashian isn’t joining him full-time.

In addition to her schedule and parenting duties on the west coast, she said she’s prioritizing her needs at the moment. 

“I’ve chosen myself,” she declared. “I think it’s okay to choose you.” 

“My 40s are about being Team Me,” she further explained. “I’m going to eat well. I’m going to work out. I’m going to have more fun, spend more time with my kids and the people who make me happy. I’m going to put my phone down. Unfollow if I don’t want to see something on Instagram.”

Kardashian and Davidson were first spotted holding hands on a roller coaster last October. The pair reportedly became official the following month.

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