Kate Chastain getting new Bravo show after Below Deck? Here’s what we know

Is Kate chastain getting her own Bravo show?
Kate Chastain and Bravo are cooking up something new for fans. Pic credit: Bravo

Is Kate Chastain getting a new Bravo show after leaving Below Deck? There is a lot of speculation as to what is next for Kate, but new information has fans convinced she will soon have her own show.

Along with rumors that Kate was joining The Real Housewives of New York City, several signs are pointing to her possibility starring on a show based on her new life in The Big Apple.

Bravo not done with Kate

Andy Cohen has dropped a couple of hints that make it clear Bravo is not done with Kate. First, he joked at the end of the reunion show that she wanted to trade in yacht life for a life as a real housewife.

Then, last week on Watch What Happens Live, he answered a question about Kate’s future with the network. Andy let fans know that the Below Deck alum would soon be back on Bravo. He, of course, did not share any details of a possible project. Andy just reassured viewers that the network was not done with Kate.

Kate’s possible spin-off series

All About The TEA is reporting that Kate is in talks with Bravo and Andy to get her own show. The website has a network source that confirmed several meetings have taken place over the past few months regarding the project.

The unnamed insider claims the new show could feature Kate and other Bravo personalities in a panel setting. Kate reportedly moved to NYC for the new opportunity with the network that has big plans for her future.

Leaving Below Deck

Kate is keeping quiet regarding what the next chapter in her life looks like. However, there is one thing that can’t be disputed. The chief stew would not have left her cushy gig with Captain Lee Rosbach unless she had a better opportunity.

Season 7 of Below Deck was challenging for the entire cast. Life on the Valor became so intolerable that Kate even walked off and quit for a day. The behavior by the men and women on the yacht was disgusting —with the bros crossing several lines.

In her good-bye Instagram message, Kate only shared that she would not return to the Bravo series because she was ready for a new chapter. She said the same thing about her move to NYC.

Only time will tell if Kate Chastain is getting her own Bravo show following her departure from Below Deck. The odds of her being done with reality TV are slim. She is a diva who knows how to bring the drama — which makes her a perfect fit for Bravo.

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