Should Kate Chastain join Real Housewives of New York now that she’s done with Below Deck?

Kate Chastain might be joining RHONY.
Fans have mixed reactions to whether Kate should join RHONY. Pic credit: Bravo

Now that Kate Chastain is done with Below Deck, should she join The Real Housewives of New York? The chief stew has officially decided to trade in life on a yacht for living in New York City.

Not long after Kate made her Instagram announcement that she would not be returning to Below Deck, social media became abuzz with speculation she was becoming a real housewife.

Bethenny Frankel exited the show last season, so there is certainly room to add Kate into the mix.

Fans speak out on Kate joining RHONY

Twitter has a few users campaigning for Kate to become the newest member of RHONY. However, a Redditt thread is stating a case for why Kate would not be a good addition to the Bravo series.

Users shared they didn’t feel Kate would mesh with the other women. A couple of fans felt the chief stew was not rich enough to hang with the RHONY ladies.

Although Redditt users didn’t think Kate would be a good fit for the show, there was a suggestion she should team up to do a show with Bethenny.

How did Kate joining RHONY rumor get started?

There are a couple of reasons the speculations surrounding Kate joining RHONY got started. Her move to NYC certainly raised eyebrows among fans.

It was a dramatic change for Kate, and several people thought it was only the beginning of life changes the chief stew was making.

Second, in her Instagram post revealing she would not return for Season 8 of Below Deck, Kate remarked she would continue to support “His Majesty Andy Cohen.”

The comment was poking fun at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal exit, but it also got fans questioning what Kate was doing next at Bravo.

Plus, at the end of the Below Deck reunion show, host Andy Cohen even joked about Kate ditching yacht life for housewife life.

Should Kate be a housewife?

Kate is not going back to Below Deck, but that doesn’t mean she should become a cast member of RHONY. She doesn’t seem like a good fit for the show, even though she is known to hang out with the cast, as well as other Bravo personalities.

Bravo is not going to lose Kate Chastain. There is definitely something in the works for her post Below Deck career with the network.

Instead of her becoming a real housewife, it could be Kate is getting her own show. Cameras could follow her adjusting to life in The Big Apple or perhaps even her teaching people how to get into Yachting.

It seems more up Kate’s alley to get her own spin-off as opposed to joining another drama-filled show full of cattiness.

What do you think?

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