Below Deck reunion: Andy Cohen was deplorable as host and there are no excuses for his actions (Opinion)

Andy Cohen was a terrible Below Deck reunion host.
Below Deck fans deserved better than Andy Cohen as host of the reunion show. Pic credit: Bravo

Andy Cohen was deplorable as the host of the Season 7 Below Deck reunion show. There are no excuses for the way he acted at the show, none at all!

I mean, after a dramatic season full of hot bottom issues, fans of Below Deck deserved so much better than what Andy brought to the table.

I, like so many viewers, am outraged over the way the reunion went down.

A good host doesn’t take sides

The drama from Bravo Deck was bound to spill over into the reunion show. It is one of the reasons I tuned in as a fan.

However, instead of watching Andy moderate the bad behavior from both the men and women, he was team bros.

Listen, the ladies, except maybe Courtney Skippon, were no angels this past season. They had their lousy behavior moments too.

Not as horrific, or as many, as the guys, but still as Andy said on his radio show, “there was enough bad behavior to go around in Season 7.”

My problem is Andy didn’t moderate that way. Long before Ashton Pienaar’s tearful apology, Andy came at Kate Chastain and Rhylee Gerber for calling out the guys’ BS.

Speaking of Ashton, who is Andy to try and force the ladies to accept the bosun’s apology. They endured a lot from Ashton over the season. If they don’t believe his apology was sincere, then that is their right.

Even after Kevin Dobson said the bros didn’t behave that bad and Captain Lee Rosbach stormed off set, Andy was still team guys.

It could just be me, I doubt it, but I feel like Andy tried to make the women look like fools to make the guys’ behavior seem less despicable.

I will say this. Kate, Rhylee, Courtney, and Simone Mashile didn’t need Andy to be on their side. They totally stood up for themselves, regardless of the garbage thrown at them.

As a host, though, Andy should have never picked sides.

A good host doesn’t make excuses

Andy used his radio show to make excuses, or I guess, as he would say, explain his actions as Below Deck reunion host. His reasons did nothing to persuade my opinion of him as the host.

I do sympathize with the fact he had a medical procedure done on his forehead hours before the reunion and was dealing with severe pain. It sucks to have to work in pain, but being a host is your job.

That said, Andy needs to stop using his medical issues and suffering as an excuse for being terrible. Perhaps he should not have scheduled the procedure on the same day as the reunion.

To use a medical condition as a reason for ignoring the violence and misogyny that took place during the season is unacceptable.

A good host knows about the show

Throughout the entire reunion show, it was apparent Andy had no clue about Below Deck. His excuse on the radio show was that he is less knowledgeable about the series because he is not a producer.

WTF, Andy. That is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard.

So, Andy only cares about the Bravo reality TV shows he produces. Fans of the other shows don’t deserve the same high-quality reunion as say any of the Real Housewives franchises. Andy is a producer on all of those series.

Last time I checked, he was the Bravo hosting personality. Shouldn’t he, or at the very least an assistant, conduct extensive research before he hosts a reunion show.

Better yet, maybe Bravo should hire a host who watches Below Deck and is a fan, just a thought.

I could go on forever regarding why Andy Cohen was a deplorable host on the Below Deck reunion, but I won’t.

The fact is Andy took sides, was unprepared, and thinks his excuses for his actions give him a free pass. They don’t.

Do better next time, Andy, just do better.

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