Fans are not buying Ashton’s apology on Below Deck reunion

Fans are over Ashton and his fake apologies on Below Deck.
Below Deck fans do not think Ashton meant his tearful apology during the reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Fans are so not buying Ashton Pienaar’s apology on the Below Deck reunion. Despite the bosun tearing up as he spoke to chief stew Kate Chastain about his disgusting behavior in the van, viewers think he is full of it.

The Season 7 Below Deck reunion was filled with awkward, hard to watch moments. Chef Kevin Dobson and Captain Lee Rosbach sparred over various topics, like the bros’ lousy behavior and the captain being unaware of what went down on the Valor. Rhylee Gerber continuously interrupting anyone who spoke, as well as Andy Cohen siding with the guys also added to the drama.

However, one of the most painful moments to watch was Ashton’s tearful apology. The bosun got choked up saying sorry to Kate for the way he treated her. It didn’t take long for Kate and Rhylee to call out his “fake apology” and for social media to jump on the bandwagon too.

Fans are over Ashton and his emotional apology

Social media has had enough of Ashton saying he is sorry. Throughout Season 7 of Below Deck, he must have issued an apologetic statement or video at least three times. Fans are convinced he is not sincere in his words but rather is trying to rebuild his reputation.

Many Twitter users feel like the timing of Ashton’s realizations, and therapy sessions are suspect.

“I’ve seen a therapist in the last week”- Ashton Great just in time for the reunion show,” tweeted one fan.

Another Twitter user pointed out the bosun’s body language was not at all in line with the words Ashton was speaking during his apology.

“Sitting at the reunion Ashton says he’s sorry, but at the same time, his body language says that he’s angry,” wrote the fan.

Nothing but a publicity stunt

Not only did fans feel like Ashton’s apology was not sincere, but they also thought it was nothing but a publicity stunt. Twitter was abuzz with the apology being a PR stunt to save his image, and there was no way Ashton truly meant what he was saying.

“Which PR firm did Ashton hire to try and navigate this s–t show he brought on? Because he should fire them,” tweeted a fan.

Fans were in agreement Ashton Pienaar only got teary-eyed when apologizing to Kate Chastain was because his career went bust. The tears are over what he has lost, not his horrible actions.

“Ashton’s crying for himself, the fool. His apologies aren’t sincere. His career has crashed+burned,” tweeted another fan.

The Below Deck reunion did nothing to change the public perceptions of Ashton. Viewers called out his “fake” emotional apology and quite frankly are over the bosun.

There doesn’t appear to be anything he can do right now to change the public opinion of him, so maybe he should take a step back from the spotlight for a while.

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