Below Deck reunion part 2 spoilers: Ashton Pienaar gets emotional apologizing to Kate Chastain

Below Deck reunion part 2 spoilers include Ashton apologizing to Kate.
Does Ashton Pienaar appear to be genuinely sorry the way he treated Kate Chastain? Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck reunion, part two spoilers show Ashton Pienaar getting emotional as he apologizes to Kate Chastain.

In the preview clip for the upcoming show, the bosun shows viewers a different side of himself, but will the chief stew believe Ashton’s sincerity?

The first part of the Below Deck Season 7 reunion was full of dramatic moments. However, it appears fans haven’t seen anything yet.

It was previously revealed that Captain Lee Rosbach walks off the set after being pushed over the edge by “dickheads.”

Also, Chef Kevin Dobson has words with Captain Lee after the captain admitted to not being aware of the bad behavior on the Valor this season.

Kevin also claimed the male’s behavior “wasn’t bad.” Now Ashton and Kate will talk about the infamous van fight.

Ashton gets emotional

Based on what is shown in the video footage, it does appear that Ashton is ready to make amends for the night he lost control in the van.

Not only did he kiss Kate for a second time without her permission, but Ashton tried to attack her when she mentioned his mom.

The moment was terrifying and disturbing. However, it was only one of several moments where Ashton treated Kate disrespectfully during filming.

“I was completely drunk, I was out of my mind, I’m sorry for that,” Ashton began his apology, in a somber voice.

He goes on to admit that he does not like the way he was portrayed this season and how people have come after his character. Ashton does take responsibility for his actions, though, admitting the perception of him is all because of his horrific behavior.

Ashton’s self-reflection

The bosun has apologized several times for the way he acted on this season of Below Deck. Ashton has revealed he is working on changing himself, focusing on self-reflection after his time on the Valor.

He explains to Kate during his apology that he is ashamed of the way things turned out. The labels he has incurred because of his behavior, like being called a misogynist, have made him want to do better.

“What hurts me the most is I know I’m not that person. I know my behavior showed that, and I know that I need to take responsibility for that. Whatever the lesson is in this that I have to learn, I am learning. I know what I need to change, and I will be better for it,” Ashton shared.

Viewers will have to tune into the reunion to find how Kate responds to Ashton’s marks. Andy asks her, but the clip cuts off, leaving fans intrigued to see if she accepts his apology or not.

Below Deck reunion part two airs Monday, February 17 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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