Below Deck reunion: Rhylee Gerber calls Tanner Sterback’s mom an ‘Idiot’ during heated confrontation

Rhylee Gerber has words with Tanner Sterback over his mom.
Rhylee does not hold back and is blasting Tanner and his mom during the reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck reunion gets heated when Ryhlee Gerber calls Tanner Sterback’s mom an idiot during the deckhand’s confrontation.

A new preview clip is giving fans a glimpse into all the juicy drama that went down when the Season 7 Below Deck cast sat down with Andy Cohen.

The season was one of the most controversial ever, with the cast severely divided by the time it was over.

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It appears the cast had a lot to get off their chests during the Below Deck reunion show. Not only does Captain Lee Rosbach storm off the stage, but Rhylee brings Tanner’s mom into their fight over his treatment of women, especially Simone Mashile.

Rhylee calls out Tanner

Andy asks Tanner what his mom thought of the way Tanner treated Simone during filming. Tanner responded they didn’t talk about it. He goes on to preface that he is not as close to his mom as the show made it appear.

Rhylee decides to interject into the conversation bringing up how Tanner’s mom called out Captain Lee for attacking Tanner’s character.

The Captain wrote a blog, shamming Tanner for the way he treated the female crew members. Tanner’s mom then used social media to blast Captain Lee, and Rhylee shared it on Twitter.

“I don’t even cuss your mother out or tell her I think she is an idiot,” Rhylee said to Tanner.

It becomes a little challenging to understand what they are talking about since the two deckhands consistently spoke over each other. One thing is for sure. There is no love lost between Tanner and Rhylee.

Tanner’s mom social media drama

As explained above, Tanner’s mom was not happy that Captain Lee expressed his feelings about Tanner’s behavior while filming the show. Despite Tanner saying the post was in a private Facebook group, it went viral after Rylee called out Tanner’s mom on Twitter.

“Parenting isn’t abt being ur child’s best friend. Its abt doing/expecting the best of ur child. For a mom who acknowledges @TSterbs promiscuity on a televised phone call (& signed a release to allow) I for one am extremely let down, you’d condone such behavior. #belowdeck,” Rhylee tweeted.

Tanner makes it clear he still dislikes Rhylee and calls out her Twitter actions. He tells Rhylee she knows nothing about his family. Then he blasts her character because she inserted herself into a situation that had nothing to do with her.

The preview clip for the Below Deck reunion special lets fans watch Ryhlee Gerber call Tanner Sterback’s mom an idiot.

It’s juicy and just one example of the drama to come on the two-part special. Part one airs on Monday, February 10, and part two will air on Monday, February 17.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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