Below Deck reunion part 2 spoilers: Kevin Dobson says the guys’ behavior this season ‘wasn’t bad’

Below Deck reunion part two spoilers
Kevin speaks his mind at the Below Deck reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck reunion part two spoilers tease Kevin Dobson claiming the guy’s behavior on the current season “wasn’t bad.” The chef is making waves by not only defending the male crew members but also clashing with Captain Lee Rosbach.

Viewers witnessed Captain Lee scold Kevin for spreading gossip on the Valor during part one of the Below Deck reunion. The captain and chef disagreed about Kevin relaying a conversation between Courtney Skippon and Kate Chastain to Brian de Saint Pern.

There is no love lost between these two men. Kevin even recently admitted to almost quitting the show because of Captain Lee’s criticism over his cooking. Based on the preview clip for part two of the Below Deck reunion, things get even more heated between them.

Kevin calls out Captain Lee

Host Andy Cohen asks the captain if he was aware of the bad behavior that was happening with the men on the yacht. Captain Lee replies that he was not. The answer prompted Kevin to get involved and question why Captain Lee was not aware of what was happening on his boat.

After Captain Lee explains he was not around the group on their nights out or even at the crew mess table, Kevin said as a captain, he should know. The comment does sit well with Captain Lee, who decides to begin interrogating the chef.

Kevin defends the guy’s behavior

In the preview video clip, the conversation between Kevin and Captain Lee goes off the rails with Kevin talking over everyone. Captain Lee tries to speak multiple times, but Kevin interrupts him.

The chef goes off on a tangent and says the guy’s behavior during the season was not that bad. His remark gets the ladies riled up. Both Kate and Rhylee Gerber admit there are things about the guy’s behavior they didn’t realize until the show aired.

Captain Lee has the final say, until the reunion plays out on television, by asking “captain” Kevin what he would have done differently. Kevin’s answer will no doubt be an interesting and likely controversial one.

It has already been revealed the captain storms off the stage during the second part of the reunion show. Perhaps Kevin is the one who pushes him to the breaking point. Captain Lee certainly doesn’t seem to want to tolerate the chef anymore.

Whatever happens with Kevin’s answer, there is no question the next part of the reunion is going to be even more drama-filled than the first.

Below Deck reunion part two airs Monday, February 17 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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