Captain Lee Rosbach thinks Below Deck reunion is revealing cast’s ‘true colors’

Captain Lee shares his thoughts on he Below Deck reunion
The Below Deck reunion is giving Captain Lee a better insight into his fellow crew members. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach tweeted that he thinks the Below Deck reunion special is showing the cast members’ true colors.

After part one of the reunion aired, the good captain wasted no time using social media to express his thoughts. Captain Lee has been extremely vocal on Twitter throughout the entire dramatic season. He has not held back on his opinion of the crew or their antics, many of which he was not aware of until watching the season play out onscreen.

Below Deck reunion part one drama

There is no question that part one of the Below Deck reunion show was full of drama. Ashton Pienaar questioned Captain Lee and chief stew Kate Chastain’s yacht experience. Simone Mashile got into it with Kate over the way the chief stew treated her. Captain Lee chimed in on Simone’s experience, sending the second stew into a tizzy.

Courtney Skippon revealed she had to block Brian de Saint Pern on social media for being aggressive with her. Rhylee Gerber called Tanner Sterback’s mom an idiot. Abbi Murphy returned to say she was glad she left the Valor.

There was a lot of talking over each other and not listening during the first hour of the Below Deck Season 7 cast’s chat with host Andy Cohen. Based on the promo for the second hour, it gets oh so much worse.

Captain Lee’s tweet

Immediately following the reunion episode, Captain Lee used Twitter to share his thoughts. He had a while to think about what to say since the show was filmed a couple of weeks ago. It gave the captain plenty of time to organize his thoughts.

“Wow, some night guys, right? This is showing the true colors I feel. I have no regrets, except that I didn’t know what happened when it happened, and things would have been much different. I assure you,” he tweeted.

As fans learn in the Below Deck reunion part two, there was a lot of crew behavior that Captain Lee was not privy to during filming. He didn’t eat with the crew, stayed in different quarters, and never joined the cast on their crazy nights out. Therefore, the captain did not necessarily witness people’s real personalities.

Captain Lee also posted a tweet claiming the cast was full of excuses for bad behavior.

“Tons of excuses about bad behavior, just effing own it, and move on. Wow,” he wrote.

There is more to come with the Valor crew, and it looks like Bravo saved the best for last. Below Deck reunion, part two spoilers reveal Captain Lee walking off stage, Ashton tearing up while apologizing to Kate, and chef Kevin Dobson defending the guys’ bad behavior during the current season.

Below Deck reunion part two airs on Monday, February 17 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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