Kate Chastain ‘proud’ of Courtney Skippon after Below Deck reunion speech

Kate supports Courtney on Twitter
Kate Chastain tweets her support for castmate Courtney. Pic credit: Bravo TV

Twitter users have had a lot to say about what they didn’t like during the first part of Bravo’s Below Deck reunion. However, one thing they did approve of was Courtney Skippon’s response to Brian de Saint Pern – regarding his treatment of her throughout their ‘on deck’ relationship.

Brian, a deckhand, and Courtney, a third stew, had a sweet romance in the beginning. But things started to unravel towards the end of the charter season, with Brian constantly getting upset whenever she sided with the women on how the men treated fellow deckhand, Rhylee Gerber.

Courtney was often seen crying to her crew members about Brian’s behavior, but it all came to a head when he sent her a text message saying  “We are just having fun, right?” Which suggested that he was breaking up with her.

Courtney clearly thought she and Brian had more

Courtney was visibly upset, and after venting to chief stew Kate Chastain about the text, Chef Kevin overheard the conversation and relayed this info to Brian.  As usual, he was none too happy to find out that she had shared anything with Kate about their romance.

His reaction made no sense since Brain had many times vented to his own crewmates about his and Courtney’s relationship.

Anyway, the two seemed to make up at the crew party and even shared a kiss, so we assumed all was well. However, the reunion proved that this was not the case.

As Andy Cohen delved into the issue, Courtney seemed shaken as she revealed she had blocked Brian after he constantly sent her a barrage of messages that she classified as “venomous” and  “aggressive.” She added that he called her “cold-hearted” and said he doesn’t know what he ever saw in her.

Brian said that Courtney was bringing him down on Twitter

At the Below Deck reunion, Brian claimed that he was just defending himself after Courtney tried to bring him down on Twitter.

However, the usually laid back Courtney refused to accept his explanation, stating that her messages were not directed at him but were general and reflected fundamental issues happening in society.

She went on to explain that she wanted to create a conversation on social media about situations like these because she wants people to know that it’s not okay. She continued, “I’m not gonna co-sign your behavior by being silent about it because I really don’t appreciate the way you’ve spoke to me a lot of times and the way you’ve messaged me since.”

This powerful speech clearly went over Brian’s head, but viewers were impressed and so was Kate Chastain, who shared her views on Twitter saying how proud she was of Courtney.

Viewers did seem to notice the proud look on Kate’s face during the reunion while Courtney was speaking. One Twitter user noted that it was “great to see.”

Another user on Twitter, responded to Kate’s tweet, calling Courtney “intelligent, articulate, kind, sweet, & strong.”

Kate’s support should not come as a shock, as the two women got along great during the charter.  Kate even rewarded Courtney with a second stripe for her uniform over first stew Simone.

Below Deck Part 2 airs Monday, February 17 at 8/7c on Bravo. 

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