Leslie Jones called out Andy Cohen over the Below Deck reunion

Comedian Leslie Jones is not happy with Andy cohen after the Below Deck reunion.
Leslie Jones is a die-hard Below Deck fan. Pic credit:

Comedian Leslie Jones called out Andy Cohen over the way he hosted the Below Deck reunion.

She, like many viewers, is outraged over the way he favored the bros. Leslie wasted no time blasting the Bravo personality on social media before, during, and after the reunion show.

The actress is a huge fan of Below Deck. Leslie has been vocal regarding her feelings over the horrific behavior that unfolded this season.

She even went toe to toe with Jimmy Fallon when she stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recently. The host tried to defend Ashton Pienaar, and the comedian was not having it.

Leslie’s words to Andy

It was clear during both parts of the Below Deck reunion show that Andy was going easy on Ashton, Kevin Dobson, Tanner Sterback, and Brian de Saint Pern.

The bros behavior this season was beyond disgusting, especially their treatment of female crew members on the Valor.

Anyone who follows Leslie knows that she loves to share her commentary of the show, while it is airing. The Below Deck reunion was no exception.

She did not hold back in letting Andy have it for the way he hosted the show.

“JUST F**KING CHILDREN!! That’s way @capthlr left he is too old for that shit!! Andy, I have never been so disappointed in you!!” Leslie tweeted alongside a video of her cursing at the television screen.

At one point, Leslie made it clear she and Andy are no longer friends. Oh, and she questioned if Andy had a thing for Ashton.

The comedian had no patience for the way that Andy was hosting the show. Her video commentary is the best but also blunt and full of curse words.

“Ok, I see what’s going on now! You not hosting this right homie!” she captioned a video of her blasting the host.

Fans love Leslie’s tweets

Below Deck fans love Leslie’s tweets about the reunion and Andy’s horrible hosting. Viewers agreed with her assessment, praising the comedian for telling it like it is to the host.

“@Andy was beyond awful. The gleeful smile at the end when he asked if Courtney & Brian were going to go out was disrespectful & gross. @Lesdoggg comments were my saving grace,” tweeted one fan.

There are even some social media users who are hoping that one day Leslie runs into Andy on the street, so she can let the Bravo host have it in person.

“Disgusted with @Andy. He made a lot of money off women on Bravo to not protect or have their backs. I hope you run into him in the streets @Lesdoggg,” another fan shared on Twitter.

Leslie Jones is furious with the way Andy Cohen hosted the Below Deck reunion show. The comedian blasted him on social media, and fans are praising her for calling him out.

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