Below Deck fans think Andy Cohen went too easy on Ashton during reunion

Ashton Pienaar on Below Deck reunion
Ashton on Below Deck reunion / Credit: Bravo

Many fans were disappointed with the first part of the Below Deck reunion. Fans called out host Andy Cohen on Twitter, saying he was too easy on cast member Ashton Pienaar.

Throughout the Below Deck season, fans believed there were many examples of toxic masculinity.

They hoped that the girls would get redemption at the reunion. Sadly, many thought Andy seemed to be on Ashton’s side.

The first part of the reunion focused on chief stew Kate Chastain and stew Simone Mashile. The two did not get along for most of the season. Fans thought Andy asked many hard questions to Kate, but not Ashton.

Superfan Leslie Jones called out Andy during the reunion

Comedian Leslie Jones is a superfan of Below Deck. She regularly calls out what she believes is bad behavior on the show. Even Leslie realized that Andy seemed to be on the guy’s side.

Leslie tweeted, “I know as a host you got to be the ‘devil’s advocate’ but I don’t like the way you handling this Andy. Why not ask Kevin why he kicked sand in her face! AND WHY IS EVERYONE BEING SO FAKE! Bring the same energy you had in the show!!”

Other fans pointed out that this has been going on for years. Celebrities like Kelly Cutrone have accused Andy of treating the Bravo women poorly.

A fan tweeted, “Kelly Cutrone recently talked about Andy Cohen’s and Bravo’s poor treatment of Women On Reality TV. Andy’s performance on Below Deck’s reunion supporting misogynist Ashton’s behavior sicken’s me. I feel sorry for [the] female cast.”

Another said, “So disappointing to see @Andy defending these punks. To approve or avoid calling out the aggressive behavior of @AshtonPienaar is a surprising low.”

Reports say Ashton is threatening legal actions against Bravo

Reportedly, Ashton has been threatening legal actions against Bravo. This could be the reason why Andy has been going easier on him.

One fan revealed, “Ashton tipped his hand already with these threats of a defamation suit and @andy fell in line #BelowDeck. Too bad the rest of us actually watched the show and see him for what he is – Andy can’t protect Ashton from that.”

Fans also pointed out that Ashton became defensive when Kate asked him where he currently works. Fellow deckhand Rhylee Gerber said he got his current job through a girlfriend.

Ashton responded, “If they are going to carry on with this type of defamation of character there’s going to be an issue.”

Andy quickly said, “The fact is that he’s working on a yacht, so …” The show cut to commercial. Hopefully, Ashton will take more responsibility for his actions during the second part of the reunion.

The second part of the Below Deck reunion airs on Feb. 17 on Bravo at 8 p.m. ET. 

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