Andy Cohen has a message for Below Deck fans after reunion backlash

Andy Cohen shares message to Below Deck fans.
The Below Deck reunion is over but Andy has one last message for fans. Pic credit: Bravo

Andy Cohen is sharing a message to Below Deck fans after he endured backlash for his hosting duties. It has been a week since the second part of the Below Deck reunion aired, but fans are still unhappy with the way Andy hosted the show.

Despite the Bravo personality going on his radio show to address the criticism, social media is still fuming over how the Below Deck reunion went down. The host has a message for those who are upset at the way he handled the show. It was after all one of the most controversial seasons of Below Deck to date.

Andy apologizes to Below Deck fans

Along with explaining specific parts of the reunion show did not go down as fans hoped, Andy also issued a message to outraged fans.

“I want to say that at the reunion, which is the time for both sides to say what they have to say, he sat there and apologized with a four-minute soliloquy with tears in his eyes. Typically, what you look for at a reunion is some sort of apology or moving forward.”

“You all feel that I failed you. I am sorry for that. I am trying to get to a place where you move forward, and people kind of own their behavior. That is my goal to get people to own their behavior. For me, if I sit there and I look at Ashton with tears in his eyes apologizing, do I think he’s at least attempting to own his behavior?” Andy said.

Andy checked in with production

Andy didn’t just issue a message to fans, but he also clued them in on some behind the scenes actions that took place. The host expressed that he checked in with production several times throughout the taping to make sure he was hard enough on the guys.

“We shot for over two hours, and I kept saying to the control room full of women, ‘Hey, you guys. Am I being tough enough on the guys?’ Like, I want to make sure that I’m being tough enough on the guys. And they were like, ‘We’re good. We have enough stuff,” Andy explained.

It is not as though Andy is blaming production. Andy is merely trying to let Below Deck fans know he thought he was doing his due diligence when he checked in with production.

A final message to Below Deck fans

There is no question it is time to put all of the Season 7 Below Deck drama, including the reunion in the past. The season is over, and it is time to move on.

However, Andy Cohen has one last thing to say to Below Deck fans who still feel he did not hold the crew accountable for their actions during the reunion.

“All I’m saying is everyone had things to answer to, and I’m sorry if you felt I was imbalanced in my holding people to the fire,” Andy stated.

What do you think about Andy’s message to Below Deck fans?

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