Captain Lee Rosbach reveals Below Deck Season 7 MVP and Kate Chastain did not make the cut

Captain Lee names Below Deck Season 7 MVP.
Despite all the drama on Below Deck, Captain Lee has named an MVP. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach has revealed who is his MVP of Below Deck Season 7. No, his best pal and former chief stew, Kate Chastain, did not make the cut.

It is shocking the captain chose an MVP considering the disaster that was the past season. The Below Deck reunion show shed light on the fact Captain Lee was kept in the dark regarding the awful behavior of the Valor crew. He was not aware of the bros’ treatment to the women until the Bravo series aired.

The captain made his feelings about the toxic behavior from the crew known at the Below Deck reunion. Not only did he call out Ashton Pienaar, Kevin Dobson, Brian de Saint Pern, and Tanner Sterback, but Captain Lee walked off the stage at one point because he could not listen to their “bulls**t” anymore.

Who is Captain Lee MVP?

The Daily Dish caught up with Captain Lee backstage after the reunion show, where he was asked who he thought stood out this season, in the right way. Although there was a lot of despicable behavior shown on the show, not all of the Valor crew acted like an obnoxious, drunk, entitled adolescent who didn’t know when to be quiet.

Deckhand Abbi Murphy might have made the list if she had bothered to finish out the charter season. Granted, she had a rough start with the radio and her hair. However, everyone genuinely liked Abbi during her time on the show.

Captain Lee had no problem naming his MVP. In his eyes, there was only one person worthy of the honor after Below Deck Season 7.

“Courtney Skippon. Hands down. I always thought it was funny how she would bitch and complain about the work that she had to do, but at the end of the day, it was always done, and it was always done well. And I think the rest of the complaining and stuff was just window dressing,” Captain Lee shared with the website.

The good captain is not wrong. Courtney is the only one who acted like a grown adult and did her job.

Why didn’t he pick Kate?

It is surprising Captain Lee didn’t pick Kate. The two are incredibly close. He has even admitted that Kate has earned his preferential treatment.

Kate was no angel this season. That is not why Captain Lee didn’t choose her as MVP, though. The Daily Dish told the captain he could not pick the chief stew. Otherwise, she would have probably been his obvious choice, and fans wanted to know who his pick would be if Kate was not in the running.

Do you agree with Captain Lee’s MVP choice?

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