Below Deck’s Captain Lee admits he should have fired some of his crew

Captain Lee should have fired Valor crew members.
There is more than one Valor crew member that should have been fired. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach admits he should have fired some of his crew for their “deplorable” behavior during Season 7.

Ironically this season was the only season where Captain Lee did not fire a crew member, but almost every single cast member could have gotten the boot.

The season was one of the most dramatic in the Bravo show’s history, with the most disgusting behavior by the Valor crew.

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Captain Lee shared during the Below Deck reunion special that he was unaware of the type of actions the cast was exhibiting, especially on their night’s out.

Now the good captain is revealing what would have happened if he had known what was going down on the luxury yacht.

Captain Lee’s biggest regret

Before the Below Deck reunion, The Daily Dish asked Captain Lee about his biggest regret from the season. There was certainly plenty for him to choose from considering the actions of his crew members.

Captain Lee’s biggest regret is not knowing about the bad behavior and keeping all the cast members this season.

“Had I seen what I saw transpire on TV, there’d been a whole lot less people at this reunion than there are now. Or they would have brought them in briefly to say, ‘How did you feel about getting fired? I certainly wouldn’t tolerate that behavior. It’s uncalled for and extremely unprofessional,” he shared.

In part two of the Below Deck reunion, Captain Lee goes head to head with chef Kevin Dobson, who calls out the captain for not knowing what was going on, on his own boat.

Captain Lee shares feelings on the crew’s behavior.

Not only has Captain Lee spoken out on Twitter, regarding the Valor crew’s behavior during the season but also during the reunion. He makes it clear people’s true colors are shining through.

The captain has not been shy about his feelings about how the season played out.

“The behavior of this crew, most of them, I thought, was just deplorable. They acted like a bunch of 2-year-olds in the f#$king sandbox. Pretentious, obnoxious 2-year-olds,” Captain Lee told the Daily Dish.

His words are only the latest remarks the captain has unleased while watching the season unfold onscreen.

There is no question the crew behavior on Season 7 of Below Deck was beyond horrific.

What do you think of Captain Lee’s remarks? Who do you think deserved to be fired?

Below Deck reunion part two airs Monday, February 17 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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