Julie Chen Moonves reveals details about who is on Celebrity Big Brother 3

Julie Now BB Host
Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves has some hints for Celebrity Big Brother fans. Pic credit: CBS

Julie Chen Moonves just revealed a lot of clues about the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast members.

In a video she just shared, Julie presents a game where she gives details about the houseguests so that Big Brother fans can try to guess them.

“Big Brother fans, you’ve been patient. We hear you, we see you and we want to reward you with some clues on who the #BBCeleb Houseguests will be. Listen along and make your guesses. The reveal will be here sooner than you think. ?,” reads the caption to a fun video shared below.

It’s possible that we could learn the official names of the new Celebrity Big Brother cast during a new episode of The Amazing Race on Wednesday night, so stay tuned.

Julie Chen Moonves gives clues about the Celebrity Big Brother cast

“Hi, Big Brother fans, Julie Chen Moonves here. The new cast of Celebrity Big Brother will be revealed soon, but first, I wanted to give you some clues about who these houseguests will be,” Julie says as the video starts out.

A former NBA basketball player linked to reality TV was teased. So was someone from a musical group in the 90s, a Real Housewife from Bravo, and someone who has been on Saturday Night Live.

Watch Julie’s video below and see if you can guess all of the people who will be on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast.

The Celebrity Big Brother season has nearly arrived

We still don’t have the official cast list for this new season of BB Celeb, but Julie’s hints and clues were sure interesting to hear. It sounds like this should be another fun cast to watch residing in the Big Brother house this winter.

Former Big Brother houseguest Kat Dunn posted a list of her predictions for who would be on the cast, and from the sounds of things, she may have gotten one or two of the names correct.

As a reminder, the Celebrity Big Brother 3 TV schedule begins on Wednesday, February 2 at 8/7c. That’s just the first episode of the week, as well, because Big Brother fans will get to tune in on Thursday and Friday night for more new content.

A nice cash prize is on the line for this new group of celebrities and CBS is providing something for Big Brother fans to watch instead of the 2022 Winter Olympics over on the NBC family of networks.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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