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Jessa Duggar shares adorable photo of Ivy Jane rocking her babydoll

Jessa Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jessa Duggar loves to show off Ivy Jane. Pic credit: TLC

Even though Jessa Duggar was quiet on social media for a while, she is back to posting updates about her little family.

In just a few months, Ivy Jane Seewald will celebrate her second birthday. She was the first baby girl born from the 2019 baby boom, setting a chain reaction of four more behind her.

Jessa loves to share cute pictures and videos of her children, and Ivy Jane is no exception. For being the only little girl in a house with two big brothers, she definitely picked up the “mama gene” from her mama.

Ivy Jane snuggles her babydoll

Yesterday, Jessa Duggar shared a snap of Ivy Jane holding her baby and appearing to be rocking her. The Counting On star noted that Ben Seewald often does that with her, so she was doing what she knows.

Ivy Jane has a presence about her. Counting On fans love to gush over how cute and smart the baby girl is, especially when Jessa shares fun updates about what she has been up to.

Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

The photo came with instructions to swipe up, which then leads to a YouTube video, Jessa has been working on growing her following with curated content, including family videos of events that have been held at the Duggar compound.

What has Jessa Duggar been up to?

For nearly two weeks, Jessa Duggar was silent on social media. She joined in with several of the other family members who have remained quiet lately.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar didn’t even acknowledge John-David and Jana’s birthday but did return to reveal Justin Duggar had his wisdom teeth removed.

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Ben Seewald was recently ordained and she still has not talked about it. The only reason it was revealed was that his mom, Guinn Seewald, shared photos on social media which then made the rounds.

Another round of pregnancy speculation is happening for Jessa again. It seems a new wave comes every couple of months. This time, though, it may be the real deal. She has not shared any photos of herself since Christmas. And with Ivy Jane’s birthday coming up in a few months, it would fit with her pattern of having children.

She has likely been filming, and if she is pregnant, expect the announcement ahead of the new season’s arrival.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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