Janelle Pierzina updates Big Brother fans after health scare due to COVID-19

Janelle On Big Brother 2020
Janelle Pierzina returned to play on the BB22 cast during the Big Brother 2020 season. Pic credit: CBS

Janelle Pierzina from Big Brother 22 gave her social media followers an update following a recent health scare.

For readers who were not aware of it, Janelle reported that she had contracted COVID-19 and went through some issues due to that.

In a new post on Twitter this past week, Janelle stated that she was going to have to see a specialist for lung damage that she had experienced.

Now, Janelle has posted a new update following her trip to the hospital.

Janelle Pierzina goes to hospital for COVID-19 complications

According to Janelle, her lungs are “scarred but healing” from the virus.

“Just got back from the hospital. Mild case of asthma went to mild to severe inflammation. They had to give me ventilation treatment. My lungs are scarred but healing, they said it’s going to take at least 3 months to repair. Please be safe out there everyone #covid19,” Janelle posted on her Twitter account.

Janelle COVID Scare
Janelle updates fans on health situation. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

Her post from earlier in the week is shared below. In it, she wrote, “My lungs are all messed up from Covid. I’m going to see a specialist for my lung damage. #COVID19,”

Janelle Lungs Post
Janelle let fans know about her lungs. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

After her first post about going through lung issues, Janelle took the time to answer a number of questions posted by her followers.

Below is a screenshot of a few responses Janelle gave, including her note that she was not vaccinated when she contracted COVID-19. She even shared her thoughts about where she may have become infected.

Janelle Twitter Chat
Janelle addresses some fan post on her page. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

We hope for the best for Janelle Pierzina and also that we hear good news from her in the near future about her lungs healing.

Big Brother returns to CBS this summer

The Big Brother 2021 season has a start date and CBS is already promoting the show online. We can’t wait for the new season to get started, even though it may be a while until we learn the names of the BB23 cast members. A recent social media post suggested the cast reveal has been delayed. It could be hard for fans to wait much longer, as the news of a brand-new group of people playing the game has fans buzzing.

There are also some possible spoilers about the BB23 cast demographics, which gives a look at the people who might be playing the game this summer. It seems to go in line with the earlier announcement from CBS that the reality competition shows would push for more people of color within the casts.

For readers who also tune in to watch the other reality competition shows, there was some big news about Survivor 41 revealed this past week. It looks like part of a Survivor 41 cast list was also leaked. The season premiere of the show should happen on the same night as the Big Brother 23 season finale, showing how close it is to returning to CBS.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.