Jana Duggar shows off adorable photo of Gracie as they fly together

Jana Duggar in a Counting on confessional.
Jana Duggar proves she enjoys spending time with niece, Gracie. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar hasn’t been super active on social media since the holiday season, but she returned with some adorable photos of her niece, Gracie Duggar.

She is incredibly close to the little girl as her dad, John-David Duggar is Jana’s twin. There have been several photos shared of the two spending time together, and Duggar fans even guessed that she was the eldest Duggar daughter’s favorite niece.

Gracie was the last baby girl born from the 2019 Duggar baby boom. She celebrated her first birthday last month, just days apart from her dad and aunt’s birthday.

Flying with family

All three of the photos Jana Duggar shared of herself holding Gracie Duggar reveal they were spending time up in the air.

John-David Duggar is a pilot, so he was likely manning the aircraft while his sister spent quality time with his daughter. Abbie Grace Burnett was probably in attendance as well since she and Jana also have a very special bond.

Counting On fans love to dote on the baby girl. They have continuously called her “adorable” on social media while noticing how happy she always looks.

Their destination wasn’t revealed, but Jana Duggar hinted they spent the afternoon in the air. It could have been for a quick trip somewhere, or just to get out of the house and see new things during this time of isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What has Jana Duggar been up to?

During her hiatus from social media, Jana Duggar has remained out of the spotlight.

She was present for all of the holiday gatherings including the Duggar girls’ Christmas party and the big Duggar Christmas that was held at the Duggar compound.

Most recently, it was revealed the family celebrated the Super Bowl by hosting a viewing party there. Jana’s friend, Laura DeMasie, was in attendance so she was likely spending time with her best friend.

As far as courting goes, it appears the reality TV star is still single. Her rumored courting partner, Lawson Bates recently debuted his girlfriend, leaving all hope lost for a Duggar/Bates pairing.

For now, it appears that Jana Duggar is content spending time with her family and enjoying life on her terms. Gracie Duggar is a light in her life and sharing adorable and goofy photos with her niece is something she clearly enjoys.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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