Jana Duggar wears pants while gushing over niece Grace Duggar

Jinger and Jana Duggar inside a Beverly Hills boutique.
Jinger has opened Jana’s eyes to fashion. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar is living her best life. She has been more present on social media these days and her latest post shows her wearing pants while drinking coffee and spending time with Grace Duggar.

She is the latest Duggar sister to wear pants on social media. Jinger Duggar was the first, and now, Jana has hopped on board with her younger sisters and their fashion trends.

Will Jana Duggar up her style game?

Jinger Duggar took Jana Duggar shopping on Rodeo Drive last summer when they spent time together in California. They tried on various outfits and even stepped out of their comfort zones.

This is the second time Jana has been spotted in pants. She was wearing pants while riding a bike with Jedidiah Duggar, but it wasn’t crystal clear that they were pants. Also, it could have been a fluke and just been because she was cycling and not an everyday occurrence.

The photo with Grace Duggar proves Jana is wearing pants regularly. She is outside enjoying the time with her niece. This baby girl is a special one because she is the daughter of John-David Duggar, Jana’s twin.

Developing a new fashion sense is on the horizon for Jana. Jinger helped to open the possibilities, but now, she is evolving. Being trendy isn’t easy when you’re a Duggar, but with the growing number of women who have adapted to more modern clothing, Jana can begin to try out different looks.

Jana Duggar with Grace Duggar on Instagram.
Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

Will Jana court soon?

Counting On fans always want to see Jana Duggar court. She has been more forthright with her single status in recent months. This season, she will even be seen discussing it while spending time with her hairdresser and Abbie Grace Burnett and baby Grace Duggar.

Recently, she shared a photo poking fun at her single status. She has been on the receiving end of courting rumors for years, even paired with people like Lawson Bates and Tim Tebow. Jana did confirm she has had courting offers, but never accepted any.

With her attempt to upgrade her style and learning to be more comfortable in her own skin, Jana Duggar may be ready to start making big moves. She has laid low for several years, and now, it is her turn to shine.

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