Jana Duggar pokes fun at being single, Lawson Bates swoops in to add fuel to the fire

Jana Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jana Duggar is poking fun at herself and Lawson Bates joins in. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar knows how to have a good time and poke fun at herself. She is the only single adult daughter, and yet, laughing at her situation is something she isn’t afraid to do.

Counting On fans are always wondering when Jana will court and get married. All of her adult-aged sisters have been married off. Even some of the younger Duggar men have taken wives and started families.

Lawson Bates shows up to tease Jana Duggar

For quite some time now, Jana Duggar has been rumored to be close to Lawson Bates. Courting rumors pop up every few months. If Jana is spending time with anyone in the Bates family, it is game over.

The two have never courted, though if they did, the Duggar and Bates’ fans would be over the moon. Jana is much older than Lawson, but it seems like the two would be a good match.

On Instagram, Jana shared a photo of herself under a sign that said, “Please Form Single Line.” It was a joke because she is always teased or talked about for remaining unmarried. The icing on the cake was Lawson showing up and saying, “Post objective / instruction unclear: pls explain further ? ? ?.”

Jana Duggar's Instagram photo with Lawson Bates teasing her.
Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

When will Jana Duggar finally court?

Later this season on Counting On, Jana Duggar will address her single status. She is going to be put on the hot seat while getting her hair done, which should be interesting for fans to watch.

It has always been said that Jana would be waiting until the right person came along. She has had offers to court, though none of them were right for her at the time. As she continues to get older, there has been more pressure from viewers to get her married off.

Speculation has also focused heavily on her relationship with her parents. Some Counting On fans believe that she is the resident Duggar spy and reports back to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar while chaperoning dates for her siblings. She is really close to the kids who were on her buddy team as well. Jason Duggar swooped in to defend his sister’s honor on Instagram, proving he will always be there for her.

For now, Jana Duggar remains single and is okay joking about it. Things aren’t always easy and her love life being on display for everyone to comment on seems to be a point of contention. At least Jana can laugh about it.

Counting On airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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