Is Jessa Duggar pregnant again? Here’s why Counting On fans are wondering

Jessa Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jessa Duggar has Counting On fans wondering if she’s pregnant. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald revealed they purchased a house last summer.

She shared a video tour of the house as it was before they started updates and some of the work that is being done to make it more open.

While showing off some of the rooms in the house, Jessa was visibly pregnant.

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Is Jessa Duggar expecting again?

The baby bump Jessa Duggar was sporting in the house tour has piqued followers’ interest.

One eagle-eyed fan took to Instagram to ask whether Jessa was pregnant again after seeing the baby bump in the video.

They wrote, “Are you having another baby? Or was it filmed before Fern was born?”

Another fan said, “Will be a great house if your family does not get any bigger otherwise you will be back to square 1.”

Comments about Jessa's possible pregnancy.
Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

Jessa Duggar isn’t expecting her fifth child, though.

The video was taken in parts, with the tour being done in June and early July 2021. Fern was born mid-July, which is why Jessa was sporting a very pronounced baby bump.

This has been an ongoing project, and Jessa teased there would be more parts to the remodel and decorating their new home. She was also quick to debunk the assumption that her dad, Jim Bob Duggar, bought or sold them the house.

What are Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald up to these days?

Jessa Duggar has been busy keeping followers updated on her life online. She has done videos to keep her revenue flowing, which was an intelligent move following the cancellation of Counting On.

As for Ben Seewald, not much is known about what he is doing for work these days. Last year, he was ordained, but he hasn’t been vocal about what he is doing, and Jessa hasn’t chimed in to offer any explanations either.

They are still very involved with the Duggar family, despite the issues that Josh Duggar has caused. She is one of the only Duggar sisters who didn’t release a sternly-worded statement after Josh was convicted on child pornography charges. Jessa continues to spend time at the big house and even stuck up for her big sister, Jana Duggar after she was charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.

While Jessa isn’t pregnant with her fifth child right now, there is speculation that she could expand her family in the near future.

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1 year ago

Jessa’s video was filmed from June through November, any fool that watched it could see it was time dated all the way through. You people need to leave that woman alone.