Is Erica Rose or Dr. Kim Nichols’ group the worst Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guests? Fans weigh in

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans sound off on worst charter guests Erica Rose or Dr. Kim Nichols.
Dr. Kim and her group have shined a positive light on Erica and her friends. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans have weighed in on whether Erica Rose or Dr. Kim Nichols’ group are the worst charter guests on the hit sailing show.

Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht has brought some controversial guests. Erica and her husband, Charles Sanders, were slammed by viewers over their entitled and obnoxious behavior. The haters also came out when they left a measly $6500 tip.

Now Kim and her friends are giving Erica’s group a run for their money in the worst charter guest department. It was a cringy episode with the guests being so disrespectful and out of touch with reality.

At least Erica didn’t have dinner with her nipple hanging out for the world to see. Chef Marcos Spaziani could barely speak to explain the meal as Kim was so drunk that she kept having nip slips, earning her the nickname Dr. Nipples from viewers.

What are Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans saying about Dr. Kim Nichols’ group?

Twitter was buzzing with comments about Kim, a celebrity dermatologist in Greenwich, Connecticut. The consensus among Below Deck fans was Dr. Kim was awful.

One user called her “annoying,” while another expected more class from a doctor.

Comments about DR. Kim from Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
Pic credit: @dezireme2/Twitter and @TheRealMrsWhyte/Twitter

Social media didn’t just take aim at Kim. Her whole group came under fire for the unacceptable behavior.

A Twitter user referred to them as “f**king entitled a**holes.” Another declared the group the most disgusting people on Below Deck, and another shared the guests have “no class.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans call out guests.
Pic credit: @rho_springfield/Twitter and @Big_Daddy_Case/Twitter and @Bravo Junkie1/Twitter

It didn’t take long for Twitter to bring up Erica and her charter. There was a remark about Kim and Erica being related. Another one was shocked a group of guests could be as “rude or annoying” as Erica’s group.

Erica Rose comparison to Dr. Nichols.
Pic credit: @adub10/Twitter and @ilmssunshine76/Twitter

Who do Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans think are the worst charter guest groups, Kim or Erica?

Along with slamming Kim and her friends, Twitter was flooded with comparisons to Erica’s charter, which was previously deemed the worst by fans.

A remark stated Erica, Kim, and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow are racing for worst charter guest, while one claimed Kim and company were trying to rival Erica and Charles.

BDS fans dish Dr. Kim and Erica Rose.
Pic credit: @ebsentminded/Twitter and @LadyTi88/Twitter

So, is Kim’s group worse than Erica’s group? As of this writing, the answer is yes.

One Twitter user labeled them the “most obnoxious charter guests to appear on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.”

BDS fans calls Kim and friends the worst.
Pic credit: @susanbordson/Twitter

That’s not all either. Gangplank Report podcast hosted by Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang and super fan Jen Bennington did a poll asking this very question. So far, Dr. Kim and company are winning, but the poll will be open for six more days.

Gangplank worst charter guest poll
Pic credit: @@GangplankReport/Twitter

It’s typical to have over the top demanding charter guests on the Below Deck franchise. However, Dr. Kim Nichols and her group were too much for Bellow Deck Sailing Yacht viewers. The group gave off Erica Rose and Charles Sanders vibes.

What did you think of Kim and her pals?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Daisy was unprofessional. It’s never okay to do what she did by condoning wrapping clothes in shoes and just throwing everything in bags. That’s like condoning spitting in food. This isn’t a cheap trip. They pay 60K for a few days and have a right to have high expectations and be a little demanding. At least they tipped well unlike Erica and her cheap husband, so add 20K to the 60K they already paid and you go and throw their clothes and shoes together like garbage? Who is the unclassy one?