Gabriela Barragan addresses Below Deck Sailing Yacht racial rumors, defends Daisy Kelliher

Gabriela from Below Deck Sailing Yacht stands up for Daisy amid racial rumors.
Gabriela spoke out about the rumors she left Below Deck Sailing Yacht due to racial comments made to her. Pic credit: Bravo

Gabriela Barragan has addressed the Below Deck Sailing Yacht racism rumors and defended Daisy Kelliher in the process.

Earlier this month, speculation began brewing that Gabriela left Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 before the seasons ended, but fans weren’t going to be told the truth about her departure. The rumors suggested racial tension and racist comments were the real reason Gabriela chose to leave Parsifal III.

As Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers saw in the most recent episode, Gabriela did leave for the sake of her own mental health. Now the stew’s speaking out on the racial rumors and the suggestion that Daisy was the person behind awful remarks.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Gabriela Barragan addresses racism rumors

Gabriela stopped by Gangplank Report podcast to chat with hosts Jen Bennington and Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang. The hosts did not shy away from asking Gabriela about the racial rumor, giving her the chance to clear the air.

“Daisy never said anything to me remotely racist, and I didn’t experience any microaggressions from Daisy,” Gabriela shared. “So that was really weird that she was named in the blind item. And it did cause a big s***storm for me. I had other cast members DMing, me in Daisy’s defense, and basically trying to make me take responsibility for the item when I don’t even know who wrote it. Yeah, yeah, it’s been really difficult because it’s such a heavy topic.”

The stew also explained that she was never trying to “perpetuate anything for Daisy” when she was liking or retweeting a comment on social media. Gabriela made it clear she was reacting to remarks she agreed with involving Ashley Marti or chef Marcos Spaziani.

Gabriela knows perception means everything, and she doesn’t want anything to allude to Daisy being a racist. It could be a career-ender for Daisey, something Gabriela doesn’t wish for the chief stew either.

“On the show, she was very kind to me, and in watching the last episode, I see how she had my back and how she felt really bad, and it was genuine,” Gabriela expressed.

Where do Gabriela and Daisy stand today?

After reading the blind item, Gabriela reached out to speak to Daisy as the rumors continued to swirl.

“I was like, ‘oh, I need to talk with her ’cause we chat here and there, but I called her, and I was like, ‘we need to talk’ like let’s just talk it on. We’re on the phone for like an hour, and we had a great conversation. We were giggling about other stuff, and she is very loving and very kind, and I just wanted her to know that. I don’t think that of her, and I never did, and I’m sorry if retweeting or liking mean comments.”

This is not the first time Gabriela has praised the chief stew. A couple of weeks ago, Gabriela clapped back at Ashley, saying she made the crew miserable, which led to Gabriela showing her appreciation for Daisy.

Gabriela Barragan spilled the tea on those Below Deck Sailing Yacht rumors and stood up for her friend Daisy Kelliher.

It’s not the only rumor Gabriela dished. She confirmed her romance with Below Deck alum Wes O’Dell. See some exclusive photos shared with Monsters and Critics here.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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