Does Lara get fired on Below Deck Med? Fans want ‘rude’ second stew gone

Fans hope Lara Flumiani gets fired from Below Deck Deck Mediterranean .
Lara’s rude and disrespectful behavior towards Hannah has fans outraged. Pic credit: Bravo

Does Lara get fired on Below Deck Mediterranean? Fans want the rude second stew gone after only two episodes of the hit Bravo series.

Chief stew Hannah Ferrier is having a challenging time with Lara Flumiani. The crew is only one charter in, but the drama between the two ladies feels like it should be the end of the season. It’ll be a long season if Lara and Hannah continue bickering like this.

Will Hannah fire Lara?

The second episode of Below Deck Med Season 5 ended with Hannah dragging Captain Sandy Yawn into her sit down with Lara. In Hannah’s defense, she did try to talk to Lara, but the second stew was in no mood to listen.

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Lara’s future on The Wellington doesn’t look too good. Hannah has every right to fire her after the rude and disrespectful way Lara has spoken to her. It’s pretty clear that Lara intends to do things her way regardless of the hierarchy on the luxury yacht.

One saving grace for Lara could be Captain Sandy, who already told Hannah to give Lara a chance. The captain bonded with Lara, but she hasn’t seen Lara’s true colors yet.

Based on the preview, Lara is still in the next episode. However, she goes MIA, and that could be the last straw for Hannah.

Fans are Team Hannah all the way

Twitter has exploded with Bravo fans weighing in on the Hannah and Lara drama. Fans are Team Hannah all the way, and many have called out Lara’s horrific behavior.

There are plenty of requests for Lara to be fired immediately. Several GIFs making fun of Lara have taken over social media. She comes across to fans as arrogant, condescending, and bad at her job. Fans have dubbed Lara the worst cast member of Season 5 so far.

One user even declared that they’re happy there’s finally a person who deserves Hannah’s wrath; it’s hard to find a cast member so bad that fans take Hannah’s side.

Taking bets Lara gets fired

Lara’s attitude is going to cause significant problems all season if she sticks around.

Below Deck Med producers likely didn’t bring Lara in just to have her ousted after two episodes. She probably won’t last all season, but she definitely isn’t getting fired after one charter. Lara already has haters, and that makes for good ratings.

The trailer for Season 5 shows Captain Sandy telling both Hannah and Lara to stop talking. However, as fans know, the captain has her own issues with Hannah.

Rumors are swirling that Hannah will be fired from the Bravo show this season, an action Captain Sandy has threatened to take in the past. So it’s likely that either Lara stays and Hannah goes, or multiple cast members get booted from Below Deck Mediterranean during Season 5.

Fans will have to tune in to find out.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Nancy Berger
Nancy Berger
3 years ago

This girl needs to go. Hannah has tried to get alone with her But no chance. It’s hard enough with Captain Sandy always barking up her butt. I’m happy for Hannah and her new baby. Congratulations.