Chris Williams threatens to ‘come for’ MAFS fans who won’t leave Mercedes and Paige alone

Chris revealed the biggest bomb in MAFS history while on honeymoon in Vegas. Pic credit: Lifetime

Fans finally heard the backstory behind Chris’s pregnant fiancee. Although he was just married to Paige Banks on the new season of Married at First Sight, his past is proving to catch up with him.

While fans didn’t like him much before, the revelation on the latest episode solidified it.

Chris dropped a bomb on his new wife days after their wedding

Just days into the marriage, Chris dropped the biggest bomb in MAFS history.

Initially not able to get the words out to his new bride in front of the cameras, he finally admitted that his ex-fiancee Mercedes is pregnant. He explained that the engagement had been over since May but it wasn’t the last time they had relations.

After the passing of Mercedes’s father, he was there for her in more ways than one.

However, after hearing this, fans took this news to the extreme and unearthed her father’s obituary online. While Mercedes has stayed relatively quiet about the show, this was the one thing that caused her to break her silence.

Usually, most participants are contractually obligated to be silent while the show is still airing but like most things, Chris is doing things a little differently.

His Facebook page is still public and he’s definitely using it to address fans.

In a post he wrote, “I may get in trouble for this, but.. LEAVE MERCEDES and her family TF ALONE! If you come for her or Paige I will come for you!”

Chris tells fans to leave Paige and his ex-fiance alone. Pic credit: Chris Williams II/Facebook

While he didn’t explicitly say what he’ll be coming with, it’s clear he’s not happy how his actions have affected the people around him. He did mention there is more to the story and encouraged fans to keep watching the show.

Fans are not here for Chris’s behavior

One of Paige’s biggest requests for the experts was that she wanted a God-fearing man. While she got a previous minister, fans are telling Paige that God wouldn’t want this.

This match has left both fans and MAFS alums speechless.

First lady of the franchise Jamie Otis has been especially vocal about Chris’ behavior this season. This has caused Chris to decline any MAFS Unfiltered episodes as long as Jamie Otis is the host.

Do you think Paige should’ve walked away after hearing Chris’ news about his pregnant ex-fiance?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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3 years ago

I despise this piece of crap. They need a new production team and new therapist. Went from a group of 40 people watching with wine to 5 and I’m ready to give it up. MAFS AUSTRALIA is much better.