Chris Williams refuses to do MAFS Unfiltered as long as Jamie Otis is the host

It’s clear Chris Williams is no fan of Jamie Otis. Pic credit: Lifetime

If you’re hoping to see Chris Williams explain his side of things of this season on Married at First Sight, don’t hold your breath. While most participants can be seen recapping their experiment experience on the MAFS spin-off Unfiltered, it’s highly likely Chris won’t be making an appearance.

Why? Because he’s no fan of Jamie Otis.

It’s clear he’s one of the most hated on the season by fans, but it seems like he’s trying to win that title with previous cast-members as well.

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Chris has been vocal with his feelings towards the MAFS first lady

Chris’ actions have gotten viewers more vocal than usual. From him sleeping with his new wife Paige and then telling her he wasn’t attracted to her – to dropping the bomb of a lifetime, he’s definitely not a fan favorite.

He’s also gotten the attention of MAFS veteran, Jamie Otis. While some alums step away after their time on the show, Jamie and her husband Doug are the longest standing couple on the franchise.

The mother-of-two definitely makes her opinion about Chris known. On a post featuring the show, she commented, “Paige, no one would blame ya if you wanted to RUN! I feel so bad for the mess you’re in!? Girllll, you deserve so much better!”

While most participants are silent during their time on the show, Chris has been unprecedentedly vocal. He clapped back to the MAFS alum and replied, “Did anyone tell your husband to run when you embarrassed him on national tv, crying and pouting like a 5-year-old while still in your wedding dress at the altar?”

He refuses to do Unfiltered as long as Jamie Otis is the host

As long as Jamie Otis is the host of Unfiltered, Chris refuses to appear on the segment.

On a post he wrote, “And that is why I will never do an Unfiltered because (excuse me pastors on my page) your ass is the host! I have declined it several times because I won’t be fake. Bring someone who is neutral and not biased and don’t act like they ish didn’t stink in the inception of all this!”

Pic credit: Chris Williams II/Facebook

While he reminds her of her previous actions, fans are quick to have the Unfiltered host’s back.

“Jamie didn’t have sex with Doug and then turn around and tell him she was not attracted to him. Jamie didn’t leave a pregnant fiancé two months before getting on a tv show to get married. You are not the same,” wrote one user.

It’s clear Jamie isn’t phased, she continues to share her opinions of the current season on social media.

Do you want to see Chris on Unfiltered?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

No! The answer is simply no–we don’t care to see Chris on unfiltered. His decision not to participate has nothing to do with Jamie, it has to do with the Unfiltered setting not allowing him to deflect and/or run off crying when he’s questioned about his actions. He wants to be portrayed as someone he’s not but we can only believe what we see (based on his words and actions) and there’s just no way he can defend or spin it!

2 years ago

Chris & Paige is a great segway into discussing why women stay in abusive relationships. Paige is not staying because of God. No, it is more deeply rooted in self-esteem and self-respect issues. Is this a reason why there are so many fatherless families?