Chris Williams from MAFS Atlanta says he’s getting death threats after viewers react

Chris revealed on social media that he’s received death threats from MAFS viewers. Pic credit: Lifetime

If you’re watching this season of Married at First Sight, you know who Chris Williams is.

The social experiment based in Atlanta is proving to be one of its most drama-filled yet.

Chris is one of the newest husbands to hit the franchise and was matched with accountant Paige Banks. While we’re only three episodes in, it’s obvious we haven’t seen the end of Chris’ misdeeds in his new marriage.

It’s clear Chris is the villain of this season

Chris is a financial manager who accomplished being the youngest Black franchise owner of a Subway in Atlanta. He stressed in his interviews that all he wanted was a woman that wasn’t with him for his money.

The experts believed that masters-educated beauty Paige was the woman he was looking for. As an accountant with her own investment properties, Paige definitely didn’t need Chris for his money.

While fans weren’t sure about him from his cocky introduction, after seeing the way he treated Paige, they definitely don’t like him. In their first conversation as husband and wife, he was already mentioning his ex-fiancee several times.

At the wedding, Chris admitted to viewers that although his new spouse had a “fat a**”, he wasn’t 100% attracted to her.

Chris cemented his spot as most-hated when he said his new bride was “the woman that I need but not the woman that I wanted.” Viewers also didn’t like how kept reiterating that Paige was beautiful “in her own way.”

Chris revealed he’s received death threats

While the show wrapped up filming late last year, Chris is finally seeing the backlash of his actions.

It’s clear that Chris is one of the most talked-about participants, but some fans are taking it to the extreme.

Chris revealed his Facebook page, “I’m receiving death threats now, huh? Got it!”

Chris revealed on Facebook that he’s received death threats. Pic credit: Chris Williams/Facebook

Family and friends flooded his comments with messages of shock and prayer.

Fans are entitled to their own opinions about the reality tv show but death threats are taking it to an unsafe level.

The season’s teaser only promises more drama with Chris dropping the bomb that he has a kid on the way.

What do you think of Chris’ behavior in the marriage so far?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Marie Hawkins
Marie Hawkins
3 years ago

I think Chris is a big DOG he has know respect. He wants to play games he should of kept his ass off TV because he definitely ain’t know damn husband material. But COMMA is something else.