Big Ed Brown called ‘the real Shallow Hal’ after naming 10 things he wants in a woman in 90 Day Fiance clip

Big Ed Brown from 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days
Big Ed Brown tears up as he describes the type of woman he wants. Pic credit: TLC

Big Ed Brown knows exactly what kind of woman he wants and his long list of demands is highlighted in a recent clip shared by the official 90 Day Fiance TikTok account.

In it, Big Ed seems very sincere and even seems to get emotional as he lists off 10 things he wants in a woman including commitment, trust, attractiveness, and more.

But what Big Ed probably didn’t expect when rattling off the makings of his perfect woman was that he would get roasted by 90 Day Fiance fans who not only thought that he was asking for a lot more than he can offer, but also that his list is incredibly shallow.

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We’d like to point out that not a single one of Big Ed’s 10 things included intelligence or independence. That’s probably why things didn’t work out so well when he went to the Philippines to meet up with Rose Vega.

In the interest of being thorough, here are the 10 things Big Ed is looking for in a woman:

“I want someone that is committed, trustworthy, respectful, attractive, doesn’t want kids, communication skills, sense of humor, tiger in the bedroom, does not want to friendzone me and they have to love me.”

90 Day Fiance fans lash out at Big Ed

Based on the comments section of this 90 Day Fiance post, it’s pretty clear that more people are put off by Big Ed’s list of wants. In fact, one astute commenter left a short and sweet comment that simply said, “The real Shallow Hal,” which perfectly summed up what was going on here.

Others chimed in, taking aim at Big Ed’s short stature and laughing as the 90 Day Fiance star nearly cried and said that he didn’t want to be friend-zoned.

TikTok comment section
Pic credit: @90DayOfficial/TikTok

More 90 Day Fiance fans weighed in, with one writing, “He’s so self Centered, you give what you get and he’s not giving [any] of that.”

Another paid Big Ed a compliment, sharing, “the haircut looks good on you though.”

Even more commenters took aim, poking fun at Big Ed and asking if he has a mirror and calling him out for always dating much younger women.

TikTok comment section
Pic credit: @90DayOfficial/TikTok

The roast wasn’t over yet though, as he was called out on his “audacity.”

Another commenter wrote, “It’s not even the immaturity is the emotional blackmailing, dirty, controlling and neurotic side of him that’s sick.” It’s not clear if they are referencing Big Ed’s treatment of Rose Vega or the toxic leaked phone call between Ed and his current fiancee Liz Woods from the last time they broke up.

Things got so nasty between them before their recent reconciliation that Liz even urged 90 Day Fiance fans to sign a petition asking TLC to cancel Ed.

TikTok comment section
Pic credit: @90DayOfficial/TikTok

“You have to be them things first,” another commenter said. Yet another complained, “Y’all I can’t like all these comments I’m tired.”

And they weren’t wrong, there are a lot of people commenting about Big Ed’s list and very few of them are nice.

TikTok comment section
Pic credit: @90DayOfficial/TikTok

Yet another commenter suggested that “Ed will forever be on TLC-SINGLE LIFE. He’s not looking for love. He’s so self absorbed, craves attention & likes the fame he’s getting from the show.”

Now that Big Ed is engaged to Liz Woods, we’ll see what his future holds in terms of appearing on the 90 Day Fiance spinoff or if he’ll just move on to another show.

90 Day: The Single Life airs on Fridays on discovery+.

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Diane C Malec
Diane C Malec
2 years ago

Apparently he doesnt have a mirror nor does he have respect and class..he is a loser and it shows with every word he says. He is digusting and Liz should move on to a better life. Big Ed is rude, self centered, and far from relationship material. I wish TLC would remove him from their line up

2 years ago

He needs to be knocked down a couple notches, though that will put him face to face with a cockroach.