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A very troubling phone call of Big Ed being verbally abusive to Liz has surfaced

Big Ed and Liz
A phone call has serviced where Big Ed was heard being verbally abusive toward Liz Marie Pic credit: TLC

Audio from a phone call between 90 Day Fiance stars Big Ed and Liz Marie has surfaced where Ed can be heard being verbally abusive towards Liz.

The altercation seems to have occured after Liz gave her coworker a ride home.

The phone call was disturbing to hear as he verbally assaulted and berated Liz who was not doing the same back. She begged him to stop talking to her in that manner.

It appeared that Liz asked Ed if she could give her coworker a ride home, Ed said yes, so she gave the ride, only to be met with manipulative and toxic pushback from him when they spoke again.

Listeners could hear that Liz was shocked by the way he was speaking to her as she tried to defend herself only to be talked over and verbally bashed by Ed.

Ed was out of control on the phone call

Ed started out the phone call by saying, “I’ll always love you, but I can’t be with you,” before bursting into a barrage of “f**k you’s” to Liz over what he felt was an indiscretion.

Ed called Liz “stupid” and wouldn’t let her get a word in. He told her to “stop with your f*****g emotions” and called her disrespectful.

He went on to say, “I’m tired of your dumb f******g mistakes, I’m tired of it.”

Ed’s beratement went on for just under five minutes until Liz hung up on him after he called her dumb again.

The level of toxicity and manipulation that was spewing from Ed’s mouth was disturbing and was a deep look into the volatility and abuse Liz had to deal with while in a relationship with Ed.

Fans were outraged by the entire phone call and many expressed how bad they felt for Liz and that she needed to get out of this abusive relationship.

Ed has been under fire lately

Ed has been in the spotlight for his toxic and manipulative behavior with Liz, most of which was laid out during 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life Tell All.

The things that were revealed and the way he was trying to gaslight Liz and everyone else caused his castmates to turn against him.

His sexual assault accuser has also come forward again and given an interview with @thecelebtalkguy detailing her traumatic experience.

Ed had been spotted on the dating app Bumble by a fan on Reddit. The post led grossed-out fans to have a subsequent discussion about him.

With all these cards stacked against him, many people in the 90 Day Fiance community have been asking TLC to no longer entertain him in the franchise.

90 Day Fiance: The Single Life is currently on hiatus.