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One 90 Day Fiance fan found Big Ed on Bumble and shared its contents

Big Ed
A 90 Day Fiance fan found Ed on Bumble started a discussion about its contents on Reddit. Pic credit: TLC

From Big Ed’s time on 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life, fans knew that he had many different active profiles on dating sites before starting a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Liz. One person, who claims to have matched with him on Bumble, shared the contents of his profile in a Reddit thread.

Since his failed attempt at love with Liz, it looks like Big Ed is back in the dating saddle and has fired his dating profiles back up for unsuspecting women in the San Diego area to match with.

The 90 Day Fiance fan shared his profile pictures and described what he had written in his bio. The subsequent Reddit thread was a barrage of Big Ed haters capping on everything from what they think his age limit is set to, to bringing up his famous quote, “May I halik you?”

This 90 Day Fiance fan shared Ed’s three Bumble photos and bio

Ed posted three photos to his bumble profile, including one shirtless picture with his hair down that had a ton of Redditors asking why and making comments about his grey chest hair, hairstyle, and picture angle.

Another picture was a gym selfie where he had much shorter hair and his neck was covered by his mask. The last picture was not a selfie and was taken from far away. He was wearing a blazer and sunglasses in an attempt to look dapper.

Reddit thread about Big Ed
Big Ed posted three different photos to Bumble. Pic credit: @u/petuniapickleb/Reddit

The Redditor that matched with Ed also shared what his bio said. They said, “It has his Instagram linked….he’s active in the gym, an apolitical Christian and he’s looking for a relationship.”

Reddit thread about Big Ed
Big Ed has a few things about himself on his Bumble profile, including that he’s looking for a relationhip. Pic credit: @u/petuniapickleb/Reddit

Ed has been in a lot of hot water lately

During The Single Life Tell All, Big Ed and Liz agreed to give their relationship another shot and work things out in therapy. However, they are broken up now.

Ed received a lot of criticism from his castmates about how he was manipulative and treated Liz badly, and this criticism is mirrored by many 90 Day Fiance fans.

The woman who accused Big Ed of sexual assault recently gave an interview about her experience. She previously used Tiktok and Instagram as her platform to try and inform the public, and other women he could potentially date, about how dangerous he is.

90 Day Fiance: The Single Life is currently on hiatus.

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