90 Day Fiance fans are appalled by how creepy Big Ed was at The Single Life Tell All

Big Ed
Big Ed had some creepy and inappropriate things to say about Fernanda and other things at the Tell All which grossed out fans. Pic credit: TLC

Big Ed’s creepy and inappropriate comments and actions at The Single Life Tell All grossed out and appalled 90 Day Fiance fans who have had enough of his antics.

Big Ed has built himself a reputation for liking much younger women, which creeps a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans out.

At the Tell All, Big Ed honed in on 22-year-old Fernanda when they met and he said in an interview afterward, “I have a little crush on her”. He went on to call her beautiful and a total knockout before saying, “I would love for anything to happen with her.”

Fans were taken aback by these comments since he is old enough to be Fernanda’s grandfather, not to mention Ed spent a large portion of the Tell All apologizing for treating his 28-year-old ex-girlfriend, Liz, badly and instigating their breakup.

He was trying to flirt with Fernanda at the same event he was trying to get back with his ex at.

Fans were grossed out by Big Ed’s inappropriate behavior

Fans remarked at how confident and arrogant Big Ed was at the Tell All while being completely creepy for hitting on the extremely young Fernanda.

Many fans agreed that he is disgusting and the way he applied lip balm to his lips after meeting Fernanda was cringy.

Reddit users comment on Big Ed
Fans were disgusted by Big Ed’s behavior at the Tell All. Pic credit: @u/whos_high_pitch/Reddit

Some fans explained that they initially felt sorry for Ed and his sad story line of rejection, but they changed their minds when he started acting like, “a massive predatory creep that does NOT learn from his mistakes and insists on dating young girls.”

Reddit users comment on Big Ed
90 Day Fiance fans thought his infatuation with Fernanda was gross considering he far older than her dad. Pic credit:@u/whos_high_pitch/Reddit

The Single Life cast was against Big Ed

A large portion of the Tell All was focused on the issues and dissolution of Big Ed and Liz’s relationship. Both of them explained their sides and Big Ed definitely came out to be the bad guy, which he acknowledged.

His fellow cast members thought his disrespectful and creepy behavior was appalling and sided with Liz.

Part 2 of the Tell All next week will have more focus on their relationship and where they will take it.

90 Day: The Single Life is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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Donna Russell
Donna Russell
2 years ago

Big Ed is too creepy. And needs therapy. He acts ridiculous, like a 12 yrs old starving for sex.